Google Allo is considered malware

Google Allo is currently being labeled as malware on many Android devices, including Google Pixel phones themselves.


Allo is already an abandoned application, since Google announced its abolition in 2018, so it is no longer available for download. However, it is still running on a number of devices where it was installed before retirement. There is a possibility that you have installed it and you do not remember it.

Over the past two weeks, some users have received warnings that Allo may be infected, with messages appearing mainly on Huawei and Pixel phones.

Users using Avast security software on their Android devices, claim that Allo has been detected as malware on devices like the Google Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL and Nexus 5X.

Although all indications are that it was probably a false warning, Avast software first reported it as malware in late December and still exists in the early days of 2020. Avast has not yet commented on its warning. to Allo.

At the same time, some Huawei smartphones are receiving similar security alerts for Google All, according to a report by Android Authority .

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