5 Signs indicating whether your computer is infected with malware

Do you think there is some malware on your computer? Did you ever feel that something is wrong with your system? If you suspect this, and after scanning with the antivirus you use, you do not discover anything and stay calm, you can make a terrible mistake.Malware

They all rely on various antivirus to stay safe on the internet. But what if there is a new malware not recognized by the security software database you use?

Mouse-to-mouse game is known among security companies that offer anti-virus solutions and malware. Virus developers are trying to create some new variation or a whole program that is not recorded by security companies and antivirus manufacturers are running to make the virus database always up to date.

The problem is that there is always a time gap since a new variation is developed until it is discovered and integrated into the antivirus databases.

Within this time gap many people end up being infected. Since some malware disables antivirus software, once malware attacks a system, your protection software is unreliable.

Below we describe 5 Symptoms of Malware Infection:

1. Simple work seems to hold forever

Are you trying to open a window and wait longer than usual? It could be an indication that something sneaky is hiding on your system and it uses the CPU and other resources on your computer.

Check the processes running on your computer to see if there are suspect programs that use all of your memory resources, bandwidth, or CPU. If you find a suspicious process, Google will tell you if there is any known malware that uses this process name.

2. Your Browser is flying you elsewhere

A sign that shows you malicious software on your computer. Your browser is bizarre and leads you to various search engines you never used. Rootkit malware is notorious for seizure of the browser. When they pollute your browser, they begin to redirect you everywhere and it's very difficult to remove it.

Together with an up-to-date antivirus, use Sandboxie. It will add a personal sandbox to your browser. Read more: Sandboxie your free Sandbox

3. Your hard drive sounds constantly working very hard

If you hear your hard drive suffer even when you are doing nothing, it is a sign of contamination. It might need maintenance like disk defragmentation, but it could also be a sign that your system has been compromised and used as a botnet slave.

4. Your router's lights or disk drive is even active when no one is using your computer

If your computer has been compromised and is part of a botnet, it begins to receive commands from the malware administration and control center. Botnets can make your computer start a DDoS attack but also other malicious actions that require your internet connection and huge computing power.

Your computer can be used to attack other computers while you sleep, even when you work on it. It may be your idea only when you see the network activity light flashing and you do nothing.

Note: This is not always a violation, as if you've allowed automatic updates to be installed, you may see the above signs in strange hours.

5. The Antivirus you are using does not seem to respond

As mentioned earlier, malicious software that hit your computer may have disabled the antivirus software. Check to see if your program is still active and you can get updates. If not, it may be a sign that your computer has been compromised.

Use a malware scanner for a second opinion. If the main antivirus software is turned off, you might want to have a second line of defense.



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