Israel air raid in response to a Hamas cyberattack

The Israel Defense Force claims to have stopped an attempted cyber attack launched by Hamas over the weekend. In retaliation, he decided to turn a plane against the building in Gaza, where the attack was coming from. This is the first time an army has retaliated with real-time physical violence against a cyberattack.


Immediately after the incident, mass attacks by Hamas and the Israelis began, which continue to this day. Hamas fired more than 600 missiles at Israel, while the IDF carried out attacks on hundreds of military targets (as they report). So far, at least 27 Palestinians and four Israeli civilians have been killed and more than XNUMX injured. Tensions between Israel and Hamas have risen over the past year, with protests and transient violent outbursts.

On Saturday, the Israel Defense Force reported that Hamas had launched a cyber attack on Israel. He did not disclose what the target was, but told them The Times of Israel that it was designed to "harm the quality of life of the people of Israel."

He also said that the attack did not seem to be complicated and they managed to stop it very quickly. A spokesman for the Israel Defense Force said in a statement that "Hamas no longer has hackers after our strike."

The video released by IDF and shows the building that cyberattack is believed to have started.

This incident is apparently the first time an army has responded to a cyberattack and the battle continues. According to Catalin Cimpanu of ZDNet, the US targeted a member of ISIS in 2015, when the files of members of a US service were released electronically, but this attack did not take place in real time.

Israel's response to Hamas marks the first time a country has responded with direct military force to a cyber attack with an active conflict.

The attack of course raises serious questions about the incident and what it means for similar incidents in the future. A general principle of war and international law states that attacks should be proportionate in response. (For example, a country will not be allowed to launch a nuclear missile against the rival capital if a soldier is killed at the border.)

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