The ISS International Space Station is full of floppy disks

The International Space Station (ISS) obviously needs cleanliness and cleanliness, as a quantity of floppy disks, technology of the 1990s, was found.


European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst, who now resides on the ISS, has discovered a treasure trove of floppy disks stacked in one of the International Space Station's lockers.

The ISS, already 20 years old as it had its birthday on November 20, still seems to keep the old obsolete technology in its cupboards. The astronaut Gerst tweeted an image from his ancient technological find, adding the following: "I found a locker in @Space_Station that probably hadn't been open for a long time".

A closer look at Gerst's photo shows that one of the disks contains Norton's Utilities for Windows 95/98 !!!! Also some of the diskettes probably refer to former astronauts William Shepherd and Sergei Krikalev, who were crew members in 2000, during the first manned mission ISS Expedition 1.

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