NOAA sailing drone recorded footage from Hurricane Sam

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shared a video of Hurricane Sam, shot by a sailing drone.

noaa saildrone sd 1048

The organization installed the "Saildrone Explorer SD 1045" in the course of Hurricane Sam which was category four. The sailing drone overcame waves 15 meters high and air that reached speeds of 190 kilometers and managed to collect data and useful information from the hurricane sweeping the Atlantic Ocean.

The device has a special "hurricane wing" to help it survive the strong wind conditions. The SD 1045 is one of five sailboats found in the Atlantic Ocean when Sam erupted. They are constantly recording data to help researchers gain a deeper understanding of hurricanes. The information could help improve storm forecasting, which we hope will reduce casualties.

According to Greg Foltz, a scientist at NOAA, “The service, using data collected by saildrones, expects to improve prediction models that predict rapid hurricane intensification. Rapid intensities, and when hurricane-force winds intensify within hours, pose a serious threat to coastal communities. "New data from saildrones and other uncontrolled systems used by NOAA will help us better predict the forces driving hurricanes and be able to warn communities sooner."

Watch two videos and if you do not suffer from nausea watch them in full screen:

Video 1

Video 2

More videos here.

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