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Check out three websites that offer the ability to know a person's age from their photo for free

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Age detection is the process of automatically calculating a person's age using only a photo of them. Prediction is usually done using artificial intelligence (AI).

Websites that offer such services all they ask you to do is to upload a photo of the person whose age you want to know. Then you let the machines do their work using algorithms. There are a few recommendations you should know to get better age predictions, such as:

  • The photograph must show the person's face directly from the front.
  • The face must occupy at least 50% of the image surface
  • There should only be one face in the image

In this article, we will introduce 3 online age finder websites that will help you predict a person's age from a photo of them.

How old do you look


how old do you look 1

This site will give you a good estimate of the age of the person in the photo you upload. Just click “Choose File”, upload the file from your local drive, then click “Analyze Picture”.

It may take a few seconds to process the image. At the end of which the age prediction will appear.

Face Age Detector

face age detector

This is yet another site you can use to find out a person's biological age from a photo. Just click “Browse”, upload the person's photo and then click “Detect age online”. In a few seconds the website will detect the age and display it for your information.

Like the previous site, this tool uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect age and is good at it.

Facial Age

face age calculator

This is the 3rd website that helps you find a person's age using only their photos. The process remains the same. You just need to click on 'Choose File' upload the person's photo and finally click on “Test how old am i”.

It may take a few seconds to process. The website will display the detected age.

In conclusion
You must remember that all of the Age Detection sites above will process the photo you have uploaded and detect the morphological or biological age of the person from their appearance.

They may not always give a correct estimate of the person's true chronological age, as they may appear older or younger than they actually are. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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