Its-You Greek company for 3D printing of yourself

It's you ( is the only company in Greece with the special equipment and professional experience that is able to scan babies, small children, animals and reproduce their image in 3D format. They have developed a technology that allows flashing 3D scanning, to facilitate the process.

It's you creates 3D miniatures of yourself. It is the portrait of the future, it is the memories you can touch. 3D miniatures are a revolutionary way to freeze a special moment in your life.

Whether it is a family portrait, a proud mother with her baby, a couple holding a wedding cake or a whole music band. You are welcome to bring your dog or cat still.its-you

We want our 3D miniatures to be "alive". That's why, in every 3D miniature we produce, we add an extra dimension: the feeling. What you feel is reflected in your facial expressions and body language. The exact transfer of these features, from the photos we take in our studio, is the process in which we place the greatest emphasis. This is the only way we can make the 3D miniature of your true self. ”


O Yannis Kounadeas has studied at the Natural University of Ioannina and his work at 3D animation design has been recognizedinternationally. He has worked with large companies to create listings, TV commercials and music video clips.

johnkounadeas [at]

Η Despina Agianoglou He has studied graphic design in Athens and has worked as Art Director, while he has been awarded a world gold award at the Golden Drum Awards and a gold at the Epica Awards. Her work has been published in Luerzer's Int'l ARCHIVE Magazine.

desdespoina [at]

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