iTunes adds the app to the Windows Store

About a year ago at Build, Microsoft announced that Apple's iTunes will be released via the Windows Store before the end of 2017. This date came and passed without seeing it happen.

But late last night (April 26), without official announcements from Microsoft, iTunes appeared in the store of the company. iTunes

Is important;

Microsoft seemed interested in adding Apple's iTunes to its Store for Windows 10 S users, as this version (then, today's version) of Windows can only run applications available in the Store.
Microsoft has designed and intended Windows 10 S for students or those who wish for longer battery life and greater security. To accomplish the above (security and longer battery life), users were only allowed to install apps from the company's Store, not the apps we all know (win32).

Now that Microsoft has announced that version S becomes "operation", the addition of iTunes to the Store was perhaps not so necessary.

Some Apple users who use Windows wanted to see this application in the Microsoft Store. As Microsoft seems to have done them the favor…

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