iVentoy multi-boot now and from network

The developer multi-boot tool Ventoy released a new utility called iVentoy. Ventoy is an open source tool for creating bootable USB drives using one or more ISO images.

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Unlike tools like Rufus, which support creating a bootable USB drive using a single operating system, Ventoy supports multiple operating systems on a single USB drive.

The new iVentoy software takes the basic concept of running and installing multiple operating systems from a USB device to the network level. The developer describes iVentoy as an “improved version of the PXE server”.

A PXE server is a server that allows users on a network to boot from a server before installing operating systems on clients.

Both apps, Ventoy and iVentoy, support the same basic functionality. This includes booting directly from disk images, cross-platform support, Mac address filtering and management, file injection support, and more.

There are significant differences between Ventoy and iVentoy. First, while Ventoy is open source, iVentoy's source code is currently unreleased. Second, iVentoy is available in a free version for but it is also released as a commercial version.

The initial release cannot be used in commercial environments or for commercial purposes, is limited to up to 5 clients, and does not support ARM64. The Pro version has no limits, allows commercial use and supports ARM64. It is available for $49.

iVentoy supports x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI and ARM64 UEFI modes simultaneously and more than 110 different versions of Windows, WinPE, Linux and VMWare so far.

The iVentoy app is available for Linux and Windows. Since it's something new, Windows SmartScreen might show you some warning.

The application is offered as zip on Linux and Windows versions.

Download Link: (check SHA-256 after download)


Fillet SHA256 Reserve Size
iventoy-1.0.02-win64.zip 354b828b9cb879dee69488362b0bcab21d2dd4577176783c1fb06711492098b7 2023-06-23 8.5 MB
iventoy-1.0.02-win32.zip 6eebcfc4e9347705f3bb6627377d50aa79c4fe32d8e6a14b26354c2c22c6e0f9 2023-06-23 8.4 MB
eventoy-1.0.02-linux.tar.gz 239632c99c187e0b7f664078ed238853e5364210790f50fded58a2fa55d3796c 2023-06-23 12 MB

After downloading iVentoy, users should copy one or more ISO images to the ISO folder.

If you run the application on Windows it will open a small interface with a login button. Enabling this will open the web UI. Linux users should run the command sudo bash iventoy.sh from Terminal and then open the internal address in their browser to see the web UI.

You will find more information on the use of iVentoy on the project page.

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