IWD 19 Women Techmakers Greece Summit

2 Googlers, 10 Google Developers Experts and 2 Tech Consultants will be waiting for you at the IWD 19 Women Techmakers Greece Summit on Saturday 30 March 2019 at Serafio, the City of Sports, Culture and Innovation Center of Athens.IWD 19 Women Techmakers Greece Summit

Through Face2Face meetings, you will have the opportunity to chat with them on tech topics that interest you, but also to solve any technical questions you may have about:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Android, Google Assistant, Firebase, Tensorflow.JS, Dialogflow, Angular, Startups: Product Strategy- Technologies- UX, Open source: licensing and IPR, Software Engineering: Software Metrics.

Do you want to meet them? Collect your questions and close your meeting online, to be held in the "Workshop's Area":


IWD 19 Women Techmakers Greece Summit Speakers

  • Andrés Leonardo Martinez Ortiz - Google Engineering team
  • Aygul Zagidullina - GDE on Assistant, GDG / WTM London Lead
  • Kaan Mamikoglu - GDE on Firebase, Android Developer
  • Panayotis Tzinis - GDE Product Strategy, Google Design Sprint Master
  • Alexandra Petrus - GDE on Product Strategy
  • Kristina Simakova - GDE on Android, Independent Consultant
  • Katerina Skroumpelou - GDE on Angular & Web Technologies, Web Developer
  • Marily Mitropoulou - App Partnerships Manager, Google
  • Eliza Camber - GDE on Assistant, Android developer at Pixpicity
  • Laura Morinigo - GDE on Firebase, Software Developer, Mentor & Entrepreneur
  • Argyro Paroulidou - Senior Technology Consultant Randstad
  • Thanos Loubroukos - Technology Team Leader Randstad




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