Jackpotting: forces ATMs to hurl money

An international hacker possibly linked to international criminal gangs has managed to "raise" more than $ 1 million from ATMs in the United States by jackpotting. This method forces ATMs to throw money like the well-known slot machines when they hit the jackpot, a US intelligence official said on Monday.

In the last few days there have been about fifty successful jackpotting attacks, the official said.jackpotting

Cash flowing ATMs have been spotted across the United States from the south to the Northeast to the Northeast, said Matthew O'Neill, an agent in the criminal investigation department. at Reuters.

Jackpotting attacks in the United States, according to O'Neill, came in the second year after attacks in various parts of Europe and Latin America in recent years.

"It was only a matter of time before they hit our country," O'Neill said.

Diebold Nixdorf Incand NCR Corp, two of the world's largest ATM makers, warned last week that cybercriminals target ATMs with specific tools needed to perform jackpotting.

Diebold Nixdorf's warning describes in detail the steps taken by criminals. These include gaining physical access, replacing the hard drive, and using an industrial endoscope to push an internal button that can cause the device to reset.

Windows XP-based machines are more vulnerable, while ATMs running Windows 7 are better protected from attacks.

"There is no magic solution to the problem"

Jackpotting has been increasing worldwide in recent years, though it is unclear how much money has been stolen because victims and police often do not disclose all the details.

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