Oracle has finally released an update for Java with new security controls


Η Oracle usually issues patches for Java security issues three times a year, but that does not mean it does not issue bug fixes trying to fix security vulnerabilities.

Last Updated on Oracle's Java 7 update 10 (Java 7u10), which brings us new security controls and a bug fix.

What are these new controls?

The first (and very practical), allows you to disable the Java web plugin with a simple click on a tick-box. After installing Java 7u10 you can open the Java control panel and uncheck the option "Enable Java content in the browser".


For users who have Java-based applications simply disabling the web plugin eliminates most of the constantly announced Java risks.

Η Java also reports on its latest update that it is a baseline. What does this mean; Well, this means that the latest version of Java is released with corrections for hitherto known vulnerabilities, says sophos.

Η Oracle says:

If the JRE expires or is unsafe, additional security warnings appear. In most of these dialogs, the user has the ability to block the app functionality, to continue running the application should go to and download the latest version.

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