Javascript, Java and Python in the top three programming languages

A new report from JetBrains shows Javascript and Java dominating the top two positions for the top programming languages ​​and Python overturning and coming in third.


JavaScript and Java continue to dominate the development world , as the top programming languages, but a recently published one JetBrains report found that Python is gaining ground.

Η asked about 7.000 developers worldwide and found that Python is the most studied programming language, the most loved language, and the number one breakthrough programming language.

Compared to other recent programming language preferences reports and analyzes, JetBrains found that Python had surpassed C ++ and entered the top three programming languages ​​in the TIOBE index. Also the StackOverflow report highlighted Python as the fastest growing main language and the second most popular language. In addition, StackOverflow reported that Python is the most preferred language among developers.

TIOBE also predicts that Python will overtake Java as the leading language in the next two years.

Leading software developers use Python to program analytics , web development, machines and automation writing, according to the JetBrains report. More developers are also starting to move to Python 3, with 9 out of 10 developers using the current version.

The JetBrains report also found that Go, although a new language, is the most promising programming language. It started with a share of 8% in 2017 and has now reached 18%. In addition, a large number of developers (13%) chose Go as a language they would like to adopt or migrate to. Compared to StackOverflow research, Go was the third most preferred programming language behind Python and JavaScript. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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