Jeep Cherokee hacking: how will the terror be in the middle of 21 century?

Jeep Cherokee hacking: Do you want to know how it could be the terror in the middle of 21 century?

A Wired publication describes how two hackers took control of a journalist's Jeep Cherokee using a software vulnerability. A terrible story with a good end, as the attack was not intended to cause damage.Jeep Cherokee hacking

A patch can fix the Jeep Cherokee problem, but drivers will have to install it via a USB stick or a walk in a service store in the company.

Let's see what happened:

I was driving 70 miles an hour in the center of St. Petersburg. Louis when they started exploiting the exploit.

Although I had not touched the dashboard, the Jeep Cherokee's air ducts began to blow cold air at maximum. Then the radio started playing in the Skee-Lo. I went to lower, to change station, or to shut it down, with no effect. Then my wipers started to work.

While trying to deal with all of this, a picture of the two hackers appeared on the car's digital display: Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, wearing their trademarked forms.

The strange behavior of the Jeep was not entirely unexpected. I had come to St. Louis at the invitation of Miller and Valasek, eager to test the effects of hacking.

Researchers have reported that a zero-day in Jeep Cherokee can give the attacker wireless control over the Internet on any of the thousands of vehicles.

The Automotive Nightmare: A software that allows hackers to send commands through the Jeep entertainment system and gain access to the dashboard, steering wheel, brakes, and elsewhere, from a laptop computer that can be anywhere in the country.

So while the two hackers were playing remotely with my air-conditioner, radio, and windshield wipers, I applauded myself for the courage I showed, until they cut off the broadcast….

Immediately after, my accelerator stopped working. I stumbled across the pedal and watched to lose speed. The Jeep lost half the speed and a little later it was staggering.

This happened just as I had arrived at an airship, and there was no way to turn right or left. The experiment had stopped amusing me.

The cars behind my bumper are crowning.

"You are doomed!" shouted Valasek shouted, but I could not hear his voices from the volume of the radio, now playing Kanye West.

I followed Miller's advice: Dont panic. I caught my iPhone to beg the hackers to stop.

You can read the entire article by Wired



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