Jeff Bezos will give away his fortune

Ο Jeff Bezos, ιδρυτής της Amazon, είπε ότι he will give most of his money to charity, making him the latest billionaire to pledge to give away his vast fortune during his lifetime.


Jeff Bezos' fortune is currently at $124 billion, and he is the fourth richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

In an interview with CNN released Monday, Mr. Bezos, appearing with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, said they were preparing "to be able to give that money away."

He stated that he wanted to give them in such a way as to maximize the benefit of the donations.

"It's really hard," he said. "And there are a lot of ways I think you could do ineffective things."

It was the first time Bezos announced that, like several other billionaires, he would give away the bulk of his fortune.

In 2020 he pledged to give $10 billion to fight climate change as part of an initiative called the Bezos Earth Fund. Before that, his biggest donation was a $2 billion donation to help homeless families and open preschools. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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