After the fall of Apple's Jobs what?

Apple announced its financial results for the second quarter of the financial year 2016 which expired just a month ago at 26 March. As it appears, the company is experiencing a sharp drop in iphone 6s

Cupertino's company, with a press release, said last-quarter earnings reached 50.600.000.000 dollars, with net profits of 10,5 billion dollars, or 1,90 dollars per share. The numbers appear to be much lower than those they had presented in the corresponding quarter last year.

For example, the company announced last year's 58 $ 2 billion earnings with a net profit of 13,6 billion, or 2.33 dollars per share.

The above figures are of course not random. It seems that iPhone sales have fallen sharply in recent months, most likely due to the invalid iPhone SE, which has not excited buyers globally.

Still, Tim Cook, CEO of Cupertino, seems optimistic:


Our team reacts very well to strong macroeconomic adversities. We are very pleased with the continued strong growth in service revenues, thanks to the incredible power of the Apple ecosystem and our growing base of more than a billion active products.


What do the numbers say?

The company managed to release 51.200.000 iPhones in the second quarter of 2016, which translates into a drop of one 16% of the 61 million iPhones it released a year ago. 67 per cent of quarterly revenue comes from international sales.

In the same press release, the company announced that iPad sales continued to fall in the second quarter of 2016, as they only managed to sell 10,3 million iPads, which means a decrease of 19% compared to 12,6 million iPads a year ago .apple-sales


Apple's Jobs seems to be a story. The new Apple, as Tim Cook's company, continued to enjoy the glories and brand awareness that Jobs created.

A brand name inherent in the innovation, smart products and design that was ahead of its era.

In the time of Tim Cook, innovation is called Apple Watch, iPhone SE, or pink gold color?

Apple will have to stop being Jobs's child and become the mother of new innovative products that will make her come back to her old glamor. (Does history reminisce of Greece today?)

Otherwise; The numbers unfortunately are relentless ...

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