Joker watch torrent movies only with the URL without downloading them

Very good news for pirates and not only. A website called Joker, allows you to view torrent files from your browser without downloading the entire file. This means that someone watching a series of torrents does not have to download the next episode, but they can see it directly from his browser.joker
The system is something similar to Popcorn Time, also known as Netflix for torrents, which allows you to stream torrents through a list of them. Things change a little with Joker as he lets you choose whatever you want by using just the torrent or magnet link URL.

So at this time, Joker works very well with popular torrent files, especially if torrents have many seeders.

It is not clear who is behind this site, or whether it will continue to exist in the future. Of course the site is hidden behind a proxy. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

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