Travel under the surface of the Earth with Street View

The Street View μας μεταφέρει χίλια μίλια ανοικτά των ακτών της Αυστραλίας, στην απομακρυσμένη χώρα του Βανουάτου, ένα αρχιπέλαγος 80 μικρών νησιών, γεμάτα με πλούσια βλάστηση σαν ζούγκλες, παρθένες παραλίες με την μαύρη άμμο, και εννέα ηφαίστεια.


From today in her Maps Google, μπορείτε να “ταξιδέψετε” στην άκρη μιας από τις larger lava lakes in the world, on the island of Vanuatuan of Ambrym. This Street View collaborated with explorers Geoff Mackley and chris Horsly, οι οποίοι μπήκαν 400 μέτρα μέσα στον κρατήρα Marum του ενεργού ηφαιστείου, με το Street View Trekker, συλλέγοντας φωτογραφίες 360 μοιρών από την λιωμένη λίμνη λάβας, η οποία έχει περίπου μέγεθος όσο δύο γήπεδα ποδοσφαίρου.

Ambrym consists of 39 square miles of desert volcanic caldera that hosts two active volcanic cones called Benbow and Marum. But the tropical island is also home to more than 7.000 people living in the tropical forest under the mountain. While the volcano has played an important role in defining their history due to unpredictable explosions and has an impact on agriculture and the environment, its inhabitants have learned to live in harmony with this beautiful but deadly natural phenomenon.

Moses, a leader in the local village of Endu, explains, “We believe the Marum and Benbow volcanoes are devils. If you go to a volcano you have to be very careful because the two volcanoes could get angry at any time. We believe that Benbow is the husband and Marum is the wife. "Sometimes, when they do not agree, there is an explosion which means that their spirit is angry and that is why we sacrifice a pig to the volcano."

Ως τμήμα της διαδρομής στο Google Maps, ο αρχηγός Μωυσής σας προσκαλεί να κάνετε μια βόλτα μέσα από το χωριό του και ελπίζει θα σας εμπνεύσει για να επισκεφτείτε αυτό το ιερό μέρος που ο ίδιος αποκαλεί σπίτι. After cyclone Pam a few years ago, the country has rebuilt its infrastructure. Now Moses and his village are ready to welcome visitors back to Vanuatu to taste his stunning beauty and learn about his cultural traditions.

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