JScreenFix: Fix stuck pixels on your screen

JScreenFix is ​​a web tool that can fix the stuck pixels on your computer screen.

jscreenfix stuck pixel

Look carefully at your screen. Do you see spots that are not just dust spots or pencils from your pen? If so, you may have a stuck pixel, that is, a pixel stuck in a particular color.

This can be extremely annoying. If you notice it for the first time, the eye then goes on its own continuously to that point !.

JScreenFix is ​​a web tool that you can access through your browser and that can help you. All it does is flash an area of ​​the screen, the one with the stuck pixel, in hundreds of different colors every second. This may detach the pixel after about ten minutes.

Does it always work? No. Sometimes a stuck pixel will stay in a certain color forever due to a physical defect on the screen. But JScreenFix has a success rate of over 60 percent, so try it out if you have stuck pixels on your screen. Besides, it does not need installation since it runs through your browser.

Access the Jscreen Fix tool from its website. Just click on "Launch JScreenFix".

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