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Yesterday, the popular digital academic book JSTOR, published one tweet stating that 6.000 of her eBooks and over 150 magazines are available for free to everyone.

The organization said that eBooks and public health scientific journals can be read for free until June 30. For those who didn't have στη βιβλιοθήκη του JSTOR, τώρα μπορούν να διαβάσουν όλο το which is offered without the need for an account.


A frenzy ensued at , as many remembered Aaron Swartz, the co-founder of Reddit, who was accused of taking content from the JSTOR library and making it available to everyone for free.

In 2012, the federal court convened and decided on a 35-year prison sentence and amounting to 1 million dollars for him Aaron Swartz. In January 2013, Swartz was found dead in his apartment, (hanged) when he failed to reach an agreement with JSTOR.

While many are celebrating JSTOR's new move, the company's twitter account said this section of the JSTOR library will be temporarily open.

Although opening a part of the library is a good initiative. Basically JSTOR should have made more concessions with freebies , especially when he has been embroiled in such a major controversy.

You can access the JSTOR open library from here.

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