Tell Google it elegantly to those who stun you receives a lot of questions everyday that are answered very easily by doing a quick search on Google.

We often wonder why wasting time to send us a message when it could get a very quick answer by typing the question that concerns him in the Google search it

We do not think our readers are lazy as they sit and write the message anyway, they probably wait A answer and indeed correct. They are right because the problem is that typing a straightforward question in the search box of the service is sometimes not enough.

So for all of you, we will suggest that you read our previous publications again to make your inquiries more specific. Specific questions mean more specific answers.

If you are now missing the way read the following posts:

13 search tricks of Google

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If you're still one of those who are constantly asking friends or relatives for what they care about, and you want a smart and elegant way to talk to them about Google, we have something to recommend to you.

Let's say they are looking to learn information about Fedora distribution. Visit the page and write a question. Just click "Google Search" will give you a link:

See the result

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