And the Holy One wants it: Microsoft insures the Recall

In response to the criticism caused by the recall, Microsoft officially reported that he is already preparing drastic changes. The SQLite database and snapshots will be encrypted and additional biometric authentication via Windows Hello will be required to access the feature.

The experts believe that the current form of the Recall application is a disaster, as all data collected is stored in a plain text database. So Microsoft seems to have listened to customer feedback and is already preparing changes to improve security and protect sensitive data in Recall. So before June 18, the company from Redmond will release a new preview version of Recall for all users of Copilot+ devices.

Microsoft will update Windows OOBE (the default settings on Copilot devices) so that users can decide if they want to have Recall enabled on their device. Copilot will be disabled by default

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Activating Recall will require Windows Hello technology, i.e. confirmation through Windows Hello to access timeline and search in Recall.

Data will only be decrypted when necessary through Windows Hello's Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS). Simply put, data in Recall will be decrypted and accessible only after user authorization.

In accordance with the principles of the Secure Future Initiative (SFI), Microsoft will take steps to strengthen the protection of user data in Recall. Data will be protected by Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS), and decryption will occur on demand rather than every time he logs into his account. That is, it will be done when you open Recall after confirming your identity using Windows Hello.

After the authorization is completed, the system will not ask for confirmation for several minutes. When the time expires, the data will be encrypted again,

Another change worth mentioning is that the upcoming feature won't take snapshots of everything on your PC, but will allow you to opt out of apps you choose. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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