And Avira adds a crypto miner to its products

And the Avira antivirus program adds a cryptocurrency miner to its code.

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Along with Norton that last week reported that adds a new component, called Norton Crypto, and mines cryptocurrencies from its clients' computers, it seems that Avira does the same.

After all, both programs belong to the same company, the NortonLifeLock. With Avira Crypto, coin-miners can now turn idle time on their computers into an opportunity to earn digital currency.

The company created a FAQ on its support site, which provides some additional details about the new feature. According to the FAQ, Avira Crypto mines Ethereum in systems and is accompanied by a personal wallet (as well as Norton).

Avira does not disclose how much (if any) of the minted currency it will retain for itself. While Norton revealed last week that it will get 15% of the currency earned by Norton Crypto users.

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Participation in Avira Crypto and Norton Crypto is voluntary. Whether mining is profitable depends on a number of factors, including the cost of electricity and the wear and tear of the material.

Both companies have been criticized for incorporating cryptocurrency mining data. Virtually all security products have so far blocked malicious attempts to run crypto miners on client computers. This consolidation may add a bit of revenue to NortonLifeLock, but it could also affect its reputation.

At the moment the most latest version of Avira Free (January 10, 2022) does not include Avira Crypto. It may be released wherever it is or it is just currently limited to customers from specific areas.

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