And the US Senate bans its members from using Zoom

The popular Zoom video conferencing app seems to have a tough fight ahead of it to convince organizations that it is safe to use.

And this is because immediately after the ban on the use of its services Zoom by Google, the US Senate also banned its members from using Zoom.

The news came to us by the Financial Times, where according to them, the US Senate warned its members not to use the service.

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the demand for teleconferencing services has increased. It seems that in the market there is a battle over which service will win the most users. With so many technical problems, Zoom seems to be trying to maintain a market share.

Earlier this week, the Reuters reported that the US Department of Homeland Security has stated that Zoom responds quickly to security concerns. And the Pentagon said it would continue to allow its officials to use the service. Other governments around the world are also concerned about the use of the app.

The reactions as you have understood are mixed and diametrically opposed. Earlier this week, Taiwan banned all civil servants from using it. The German Foreign Ministry has also restrict the use of Zoom.

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And the battle for teleconferencing continues.

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