And Microsoft was hit by the invasion of SolarWinds

Η Microsoft confirmed the breach of its systems by hackers invading Solarwinds, but denies infecting its customers.

Η Microsoft confirmed that it had been invaded by recent hacker attacks against it Solarwinds, but denied that its software was compromised so much that it in turn infected customers.

Last weekend it was discovered that Russian state hackers violated SolarWinds and used the auto-update mechanism to distribute a backdoor to their customers.

This malware is a backdoor, named Solarigate (Microsoft) or Sunburst (FireEye) and reached about 18.000 customers Solarwinds, such as the US Treasury Department, the US NTIA, the US Nuclear Weapons Administration and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Last night, Reuters published a report who stated that his sources indicated that the Microsoft not only endangered by the attack on Solarwinds, but hackers had also modified its software Microsoft to distribute malicious files to its customers.

In a tweet from Frank Shaw, its vice president of communications MicrosoftThe Microsoft denies the results of the report, based on current findings. Shaw confirmed that Microsoft found its malicious binaries Solarwinds in their environment, but their systems were not used to endanger customers.

From what the story with Solarwinds is not simple, and is predicted to turn into a big scandal. Let's wait for the developments.

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