Call for Open Software Groups at Universities and Research Centers

O Open Technologies Organization (EELAK)  in collaboration with institutions - members invites all members of the Academic-Research community who are interested in open technologies and wish to contribute in practice to the use and dissemination in the educational-research process fill in the form below.

The team of each institution, in collaboration with the representatives of the institution in EELLAK, will develop and propose the adoption of open source software in the educational process and the dissemination and utilization of open software projects and technologies developed and used by laboratories and research teams of institutions and will propose solutions for the further promotion and adoption of open source software in the respective Institution.

More specifically, those members of the Academic-Research who are interested can participate in the elaboration of proposals, in the following five thematic sections:

  •  Open Source Software, Open Technologies and Open Standards (The websites where the relevant actions are presented:,,,,, The aim of this topic is to record solutions and applications of open software and technologies, and the participation of its members in the design and implementation of actions aimed at promoting and developing Open and Free software of Open Technologies and Open Standards in the educational-research process.
  • Open Government and Open Data (,,, The aim of this theme is the planning and implementation of actions aimed at promoting and developing the institutional framework, goals and strategy for Open Government and Open Data in Greece.
  • Open Design (Open Design), Open Hardware (Open Hardware) (,,  The aim of this theme is the design and implementation of actions aimed at promoting and developing Open Hardware and Open Design in Greece.
  • Information Systems Security and Personal Data Protection (, The aim of this theme is the design and implementation of actions aimed at protecting and securing systems and personal data using open technologies.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (,  The aim of this theme is the planning and implementation of actions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship through the adoption of open standards, open technologies, open processes, free software and open data.

The Organization of Open Technologies already cooperates closely with its member institutions, for the implementation of actions such as the recording of open source softwareThe GSOCThe FOSSCOΜM, The Open LabsThe MoodleMoot, The Panhellenic Open Technologies Robotics Competition as well as policy proposals we are working on.

More specifically OpenLabs ( ) is an action of EELLAK and its members to organize and develop in collaboration with Regions, Municipalities and members of EELLAK a model interdisciplinary space ( Space Maker ) to the Municipalities that will be addressed to all, such as, communities of volunteers, educational community but also to bodies that deal with open technologies and practices. The Open Technologies Organization has already contacted 20 large Municipalities and in collaboration with the academic-research institutes and the local self-government bodies we are elaborating the business plan for each Open Lab.

Ο  Open Technologies Robotics Competition ( ) is an action aimed at groups from Primary and Secondary schools, and is planned in collaboration with members of the Secondary and Tertiary Education Community. The competition concerns the creation of works (artifacts) using open hardware and software technologies (Open Design, Open Software & Open Hardware), and the production of corresponding open educational resources. Topics may include automation, lighting-sound, sensor-environment, smart objects, early warning devices, autonomous vehicles, wareables, leisure applications, health-wellness, laboratory equipment, educational projects and educational applications, and IoT applications (e.g., Open source robotics, openrobothardware, etc.).




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