Kali Linux 2020.1a without root account

The Time Linux is a distribution based on Debian. Contains a very large collection of security tools and penetration tests.

Kali Linux

The project has just released a new version for the year 2020 and brings a number of important changes. The new version, 2020.1, of Kali Linux, merges different desktop editions into single download options and removes the ability to run multiple as root by default.

"Throughout its history Time (and the predecessors of BackTrack, WHAX and Whoppix), the default credentials were root / toor. This is no longer the case. We no longer use the superuser, root account as the default in Kali 2020.1. The default user account is now a standard user with no privileges. ”

To read the reasons behind this move you can visit a previous post at blog of distribution.

This is a very big change, and the developers are asking you to report any problems.

Download the new version (SHA256):

https://cdimage.κali.org/κali-2020.1/κali-linux-2020.1a-installer-amd64.iso https://cdimage.κali.org/κali-2020.1/κali-linux-2020.1a-installer-i386.iso SHA1SUMS 5b2e84eb84c70ecfc51f359c831efd2c4026c6fe kali-linux-2020.1a-installer-amd64.iso 6ce6ddb39a2be36182f44c11f310adcdde254ff8 kali-linux-2020.1a-installer-i386.iso

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