The tools of Kali Linux on Ubuntu!

Often, many of us have come to the experiment with specialized tools from the Kali distribution to find WiFi codes, etc. But this required a lengthy process. Or we had to download Kali's entire .iso, move it to a Virtual Machine that is basically the whole format process. Or even if we did not do this, format it on a USB drive and then reboot to get in and out of USB.

And for the previous 2 ways it has no more functional relation we have as main. Whether it is Windows or Ubuntu, the process is the same. Of course, in my opinion, an average user does not need to have Kali as their main OS, because this particular distribution is a specialized distribution. The tools we will need to "play" are very few. So it is not worth having as an operating system, a system just to look for the codes of our neighbors!

The article is addressed to any of you as Ubuntu's main operating system, or running Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine.


How would you feel if you could access Kali's tools through the Terminal? A method that combines, fun, after running a functional one that can do everything. And experimentation and skills of the tools of a specialized distribution!

We can install the Kali Linux tools in the following way.

All it takes is for our system to be up to date. The prerequisites are to open our terminal (CTRL + ALT + T):

sudo apt-get install python -y
sudo apt-get install git -y

Then we install Katoolin again via terminal:

sudo git clone
sudo cp catoolin / / usr / bin / catoolin

Then we give the right to execute:

sudo chmod ugo + x / usr / bin / catoolin


To use the tools, we run from our terminal

sudo katoolin

The first thing we need to do is enter the repositories and update by selecting "1" and pressing "Enter". To return to the previous menu, type "back" and press "Enter".

If we want to go out completely from Katoolin it is enough to press CTRL + C.

As you can see, there are 331 available tools, which you need to install for yourself, whichever you need, just by choosing what you want!

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear!

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