Kali-Whoami: Stay anonymous in Kali Linux

The purpose of Whoami is to make you "invisible" when browsing the internet on Kali linux. It is user friendly, with a simple to use and quite simple interface. It follows two different paths to ensure you have the highest possible level of anonymity.

whoami yv



  • Anti mitm
  • Log killer
  • IP changer
  • Dns changer
  • Mac changer
  • Anti cold boot
  • Timezone changer
  • Hostname changer
  • Browser anonymization


sudo apt update && sudo apt install tar tor curl python3 python3-scapy network-manager

git clone

cd kali-whoami

sudo make install


[+] Usage:

sudo kali-whoami [option] --start : It will make backups and start the program.

--stop : Closes the program using a backup.

--status : Provides information about working status.

--fix : Used to repair the system in case of a possible bug.

--help : This shows the menu.

Application snapshots

kali whoami 5 730926

Download the program from here..



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