Artist draws incredibly portraits on iDevices (Video)


Some people have what we call "artistic vein". I'm not one of them ... The best I can do is uneven lines and wavy curves in Draw Something. If you are like me, you can only envy your digital works Seikou Yamaoka.

This is an artist that only has Apple's mobile iOS devices, the Art Studio mobile app, and ... his fingers (not even a capacitive stylus). This application is located in the App Store, costing 2.7 euros for the iPhone / iPod Touch and 4.5 euro for the iPad. From 2010 to the present day, he has made several portraits, including Steve Jobs himself!

But wait. More impressive than the surprising, digital tables, they are time-lapse videos which has been created (22 to date). In each, it shows the entire design process for each portrait, from the absolute void to the final project. This owner has and fan page on Facebook, where you can keep up-to-date on all of his works.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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