The best Android apps to quit smoking

Cigarette addiction is a serious problem that requires a strategic plan to stop it permanently. If you have decided to quit smoking, in addition to your stubbornness to stick to your decision, there are mobile apps that will help you quit the bad habit.

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The reason we talk about mobile phone is because you usually always have it with you and in addition it concerns your hands. The smoking cessation application will urge you to remain firm in your decision.

But with the variety of applications available, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are best for you. Such an application because it is purely supportive, should suit your personality in order to motivate you as much as possible. Some people will need psychological support to achieve the desired result, but most with these applications will find an extra encouragement.

To help you make the right choice of an app, we've put together the best ones to help you quit smoking forever.

1. Stop Smoking - EasyQuit

easy quit

Stop Smoking - EasyQuit was chosen because of its high ratings by both Apple and Android users, as well as for the ability to have a slow and gradual cessation of smoking and many monitoring tools.

What we liked:

  • Includes a memory game to resist the urge to smoke
  • Possibility to choose a "slow process" for gradual cessation of smoking
  • Discreet motivation to encourage you in your endeavor

What we did not like:

  • Some users have reported excessive pop-up ads
  • Monitors days and hours, but not minutes and seconds

EasyQuit provides smokers with tracking information to motivate them to quit, such as days and hours without a cigarette, how much money is being saved, and how their health is improving. It is designed to provide motivation, monitoring and encouragement for those who want to stop it on their own.

EasyQuit includes a memory game to fight impulses, a logging tool to track activations.

As it may be easier for some users to quit smoking gradually, the app includes an alternative strategy for those who need a slower approach to curb their habit.

Finally, there are driving signals that encourage users to keep going. There is no support from any community.

Reviews show that users are motivated to see how their health improves due to smoking cessation. However, some of them reported many pop-up ads and malfunctions that disappointed users.

The application is free. There is also a $ 5 Pro version for additional features.

2. Get Rich or Die Smoking

get rich or die smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking (Greek translation: Get Rich or Die Smoking) is a special application because it emphasizes how quitting smoking will save you money.

What we liked:

  • Real-time chat is available
  • Quantifies the real effects of non-smoking (in terms of saving money)
  • It includes a list of goals with things you can buy with the money you save

What we did not like:

  • Graphic design could be better
  • Has no space to keep notes or reminders
  • Risk of dealing with negativity in the forum

If you're struggling financially, the Get Rich or Die Smoking app will give you even more incentive to quit smoking, as it focuses on how it will help you save money. The free app shows you how many euros you have saved by using a meter. In addition, it also includes trackers for your health.

Get Rich or Die Smoking also includes a chat forum so you can connect with others trying to quit smoking and share ideas on how to spend the money you have saved. This is important as research has shown that the motivation to continue using a smoking cessation application is critical to the cessation itself. The app also includes regular activities to keep your habits on track.

Some users reported glitches when uploading photos to the forum. However, most found the application motivating and unique in its purpose.

The application is of course free, as it is oriented to how you will save.

3. Quit Genius

quit genius

Quit Genius uses principles Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT) to guide the cessation process, making it ideal for those interested in additional treatment techniques.

What we liked:

  • Encouraging for those who have tried other applications and failed
  • Addresses the psychological aspects of smoking cessation
  • Includes quizzes to test your knowledge of stopping

What we did not like:

  • Users need to upgrade to the premium version to unlock the best features
  • Errors occur when you try to set the time zone correctly
  • Users must register with payment information to use the free trial

Quit Genius lets you set your own smoking cessation goals and uses CBT to help you do just that. The app also helps motivate you to save money and years of life you have gained by reducing your smoking habit.

Choose a stop date, and then the app provides tips and tools to motivate you as soon as the stop date arrives. Cigarette cravings are managed using sound tracks and breathing exercises. When you pay for a premium version, the app unlocks special features, including the ability to chat with a personal stop coach.

For those who like knowledge quizzes, the app also offers the opportunity to test your knowledge of the smoking cessation process, a unique feature not found in other apps on this list.

4. kwit


We chose Kwit because it includes incentive cards for cravings and impulses.

What we liked:

  • Extra encouragement when needed, via instant motivation cards
  • Can be used to reduce or eliminate sources of fumes and nicotine other than cigarettes

What we did not like:

  • There is no community forum
  • The premium version is very expensive

Kwit is also CBT-inspired, but offers many other features, including a personalized dashboard to keep track of your progress and a logbook to manage your craving for cigarettes.

You will also have access to something a little different: incentive cards. If you are craving a cigarette, Kwit will generate an incentive card if you shake your phone to help you stay firm in your decision to quit.

Kwit is free to download and can be used to quit smoking, reduce nicotine use and stop smoking. It offers encouragement with milestones during your trip to quit smoking by tracking how much money you have saved and how long it has been since smoking.

Kwit also offers a notebook.

5. Quit Tracker

quit tracker

Quit Tracker has been added to our list because of its focus on tracking progress as you try to quit smoking.

What we liked:

  • Speaks Greek
  • It can restart your progress if required
  • Ability to customize your own reasons and goals for stopping
  • Offers a distraction game to distract your mind from your urges

What we did not like:

  • It has no ability to stop nicotine substitutes
  • You can not change the price of cigarettes
  • You can not pause if you smoked a cigarette
  • Users report poor Greek performance

Quit Tracker is a motivational app that helps you keep track of the money you save and the improvements in your health if you quit smoking.

This app is the best for someone who likes to understand the benefits of quitting smoking statistically. Quit Tracker also allows you to reset the day and time you last smoked. In addition, when the craving for a cigarette hits red, there is a distraction tab that will help you overcome it.

Quit Tracker is useful if you want a tangible way to measure your progress. Gives priority to monitoring tools over other features, such as chatting in a forum or other social support provided by other applications.

Quit Tracker is free, but offers in-app purchases.

6. Smoke Free

smoke free

Smoke Free stood out because of the use of evidence-based strategies to help people quit smoking.

What we liked:

  • Provides tips to help you quit and a Facebook support community
  • Research-based techniques and strategies
  • Social support through coaches

What we did not like:

  • It may be better to maintain smoking cessation than to quit smoking
  • Some users report that they have lost their progress

Smoke Free uses proven behavioral change techniques to help you quit smoking. The app has graphs to plan your progress, rewards and tips to beat cravings and the ability to participate in research to help others quit smoking. In addition, it includes more than 30 proven techniques and methods to increase your chances of a successful outage.

Smoke Free includes access to smoking cessation trainers, smoking cessation monitoring, achievement signals, smoking cessation diary, financial benefits from smoking, and health improvement charts. You can also share your success with your friends.

The app is free and stands out for its community support. Just repeat the phrase of Smoke Free "not one more puff" (not an extra puff) to help you.

In conclusion

Overall, the main differences between the applications concern the support, features and ease of use of the community. While an app like Get Rich or Die Smoking is great for those who are motivated by money, it will be less effective for those who want extensive tracking or evidence-based guidance support.

We believe that EasyQuit offers the best variety of features, along with a strong user base and positive reviews. But in the end, the right choice of application has to do with what kind of help everyone asks for such an application.

Are smoking cessation apps really effective?
Research shows that smoking cessation applications may help some people quit smoking, but there is a significant inconsistency in studies evaluating these tools.

The basic condition for quitting smoking is that you have really made the decision to do so. Your compliance with the application may be what makes the difference. If you feel that you will not succeed, it is best to choose an application that includes a motivation, or a community forum, or a mentoring feature.

How long should I use the application?
It can take months or years to completely overcome smoking addiction. For this reason, it is a good idea to commit to using an application for a long time.

What is certain, however, is that in the first days or weeks, you should use the application more consistently, as the withdrawal symptoms will be even greater.

Do I have to start over if I relapse?
If you recur while using a smoking cessation app, it is best to use the features of the app designed for this situation.

Some applications may require a "restart date" restart, while others may allow you to enter your "divert date". If you feel unsure and are likely to relapse, try choosing an error-free application without having to reset your progress.

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