The best free online collage apps

We have collected and present to you the best free, online applications to make a photo collage.


Placing photos into a collage is a fun way to aesthetically combine your photos. And since photos these days are digital and not printed on paper, check out the best and most importantly free online sites to create a collage.

The process is very easy. Kind of like having them all printed out and putting them together on a big table!

So if you're feeling creative and want to make a beautiful collection of your Christmas or summer vacations, you can use a photo collage program.

Naturally there are a bunch of such programs for mobile phones, but the large screen of a desktop computer will make things much easier.

And you don't need to do any installation. Just try one of the free online photo collage maker apps below to create, save and even share your creations.


BeFunky is super easy to use and makes creating your photo collage fun. First, you can browse the ready-made photo layouts and grids, which also contain many options for photo overlays, Facebook covers, Pinterest images, etc.

Then, if you want, you can add a beautiful background pattern. Put a polka dot as a background, or fill it with something like fabric, or make it like a mosaic.

If you want to add something funny to your collage, BeFunky has ready-made images that you can use. These are even categorized into topics, such as holidays, seasons and objects. You can also add neat stickers and speech bubbles with different text styles.

When you're done with your collage, you can save it to your computer, BeFunky account, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also share it on famous sites like Twitter and Pinterest.

BeFunky has additional features like greeting cards, event invitations, and small business templates. Finally, it also has a photo editing program.

You don't need to register to work with BeFunky. However, several features of BeFunky require you to have a paid Plus account.


You might have heard of Canva and think it's a program mainly for business graphics, flyers, website banners, etc. While it's great for those situations, it's also a great online photo collage maker.

Start by choosing from one of several layouts or grids. Then, like BeFunky, you can add a stylish background such as a pattern, color or image.

It has many free features compared to BeFuncy, but you will need to register to upload your own photos. Canva also provides elements such as free photos, shapes, icons and images that you can add to your collage.

When you're happy with your creation, you can download it as an image or PDF file. Or you can share it instantly via email, Facebook and Twitter, or get a link to share it yourself, wherever you want.

The nice thing about Canva is that with a free account, you can save your designs and come back to modify them later if you want.


Fotor is another great place to create a free photo collage online. Simply import your photos and then drag them to the places you want in one of the layouts the program offers. You can apply lighting effects, rotate and zoom your photos.

Like other sites, you can use a background color, pattern or image. In addition, you can add text or add a beautiful sticker.

You can download your collage as an image or PDF for free. Alternatively, you can share it directly or upload it to the Fotor Cloud. Fotor has an easy-to-use interface and also offers social media and banner designs along with photo editing tools.

And in this program, as in Canva, you will have to register to upload photos and also to download your creations.


If you want the option of not using a template but creating your own photo collage from scratch, check out PhotoCollage.

You start with a completely blank canvas that allows you to move, resize, rotate and arrange your photos however you want. Additionally, you can use tools to zoom, copy, and move your images forward or backward.

When you get started, you can choose from a variety of social media canvas sizes or a custom size. You can set a background color, use a built-in image, or upload your own.

You can also click the Template button to view holiday-themed layouts and templates. Press the Add images button to upload your photos and use the Swap button to easily change them.

When you're done, you can save your photo collage as an image, PDF, or high-resolution image. Share directly to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or get a link to share it yourself. PhotoCollage also offers an option to order a print of your creation in a variety of sizes and prices.

The site is simple to use and makes creating collages as easy as using photo collage apps for Android and iOS. It does not require any registration either to upload images or to download your creation.


With ready-made templates from modern and artistic to classic, FotoJet is another great choice when you're looking for a free online photo collage.

You can put the photos inside XNUMXD hearts or use a template for a holiday dinner. Simply upload photos from your computer or import them from Facebook to get started. Then drag your photos to the grid where you want them.

You can rotate, flip, crop or add a neat effect with individual settings like opacity, brightness and contrast.

Save your collage as a JPG or PDF or share it instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr. FotoJet also provides photo editing tools and designs such as posters, invitations and special designs for social media.

No registration is required to upload photos and you can download up to 1753x1239px resolution without payment. Some templates require payment, but it's good enough that it's free.

adobe express

adobe express
Another free collage app you can check out is Adobe Express from your familiar Adobe company.

Unfortunately it requires registration to get started. If you register then you can choose a collage size, including specific dimensions for social media platforms.

You can then choose from a range of stunning stock photos or upload your own. If you'd rather deal with this later, you can skip it and go straight to the editor.

You have many tools at your fingertips. Some features are free, while others require a subscription to unlock. Even so, you can change the position and background of your photos, edit the text, add icons and logos, and then either download or share your collage.

You can download your creation in PNG, JPG and PDF format. Sharing includes publishing, uploading the collage to Google Drive, offering it as a template, and inviting people to work on it with you.


Another web-based collage maker worth exploring. Picsart will remind you of Fotor since their website is similar.

You can go straight to the editor and start assembling your collage. You have many free options, but some items are only available with a premium account.

An impressive feature of the Picsart collage editor is the range of dimensions. In addition to the standard sizes for any popular social network, you can also create a photo collage for a t-shirt, album cover or email header.

Not only that, but you can edit each element of your collage in lots of cool ways, like filters and stickers.

As for exporting your finished project, the free version allows you to download a JPG up to 2160 x 2160 pixels, as well as share it on Picsart as a photo or sticker. A premium account offers more formats and larger sizes.

Which free online photo collage do you use?
These sites offer nice features and ease of use to create photo collages online for free.

A collage with your personal taste and your own photos is a great way to give a great gift to someone special, save a memory for yourself or have fun with a friend. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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