The best sources of legal torrents on the internet

See the best sources with legal torrents that circulate on the internet and that you can download them without fear and for free!

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When you hear the word "torrents", it makes sense that illegality and pirate sites come to mind. Review things and think that torrent is a tool that also has legal files. And on the internet there are really all kinds of legal torrents available to download, from movies to music.

In this article, we will look at the best online resources to find legitimate torrents, all for free.

Is Torrenting Legal?

You may have heard reports of people having legal issues after downloading a torrent. There is a widespread belief that torrents themselves are illegal, but this is not the case.

Torrenting is a method of sharing files, in which people (called seeds, peers and downloaders in the torrent language) host a file and make it available for download by others (also known as leechers). A torrent file you download from the internet is nothing more than a tiny one original file showing in the torrent program where it will find the other users hosting the actual final file you want to download.

In other words, torrenting is the way, a tool, a knife that you can cut bread (legal use) but also kill someone (criminal use). It all depends on how you use this tool.

The difference with the torrenting method compared to a simple download is that while you are downloading the actual file you are simultaneously sharing it with other users who may be downloading it at the same time. That is, the source besides the original is you and you will remain as a source until you delete it from the torrent program.

The illegal part of the whole process is not the tool or the method, but the pirated material you download, such as movies or music albums. Sharing copyrighted content without paying for it is obviously illegal, no matter how you do it.

torrent, free, legit, Jamendo, Vuze, internet, archive, linuxtracker, music, seed, leecher

When you use a torrent, you are not only downloading the file, you are also hosting it for others to download. This means that using a torrent to download a file, such as a movie, can lead to many problems with justice.

Torrents can also be used for all sorts of legitimate purposes, such as sharing open source software, such as Linux distributions. This method allows the software to be available to everyone, without requiring the original developer to host the file indefinitely. This way is important for free open source software. It makes everything much more accessible to everyone.

Other legal uses for torrents include sharing movies and music that are not copyrighted. Many older movies are now in public use, which means they are free to watch, distribute and generally share. You can use torrents to download these classic movies easily and legally.

Where Can You Find Legal Torrents On The Internet?

If you want to find torrents on the internet, there are several sites that specialize in hosting only legitimate torrents. Download torrents from the following sites without worrying about any legal issues.

1. Legit Torrents
legit torrents

Legit Torrents hosts torrents for a wide variety of different types of content, including movies, music, and software. You will find categories for downloading Linux distributions as well as software for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are categories for entertainment content such as anime, books and games.

This site is one of the most popular legal torrent sites on the internet right now, so the torrents you get from here will often have a large number of seeders.

2. Public Domain Torrents
public domain torrents

Although this site seems simplistic in terms of design, it is one of the best sites on the internet for finding legitimate torrents. Everything posted on this site is public, with classic movies covering genres such as horror, drama, animation and comedy.

It's a great site for movie lovers, with movies available for download in many mobile formats. There is also a category for streams if you want to watch online without downloading anything.

3. Vuze

Vuze is known as one of the best torrent programs. You may not know it yet, but it also hosts a directory of legitimate torrent content.

The site hosts torrents with regularly updated videos, such as news programs, TED Talks and comedy shows. It is a popular place to host audio or video podcasts, which can be downloaded daily or weekly as new episodes are released.

There is a large selection of informative podcasts on science and nature as well as other educational topics. The site offers torrents for downloading books, software, new music artists and classic movies.

If you are looking for a site with free torrents for popular, legitimate content, Vuze should be your first stop.

4. Jamendo Music
jamendo music

If music is your passion and you like chasing new bands and artists, you should try Jamendo Music. This site has free, independent music, which can either be downloaded via torrents or streamed online.

It hosts free music that can even be used on YouTube videos, either for personal or commercial use.

You can also search for artists by genre or find the latest trendy pieces. If you still can't decide what to download, you can use the site's Radios page to listen to a selection of free music of your choice.

5. Linuxtracker

If you are a Linux user, you probably already know about Linuxtracker. This site specializes in sharing torrents for downloading Linux distributions.

While large Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or openSUSE can be downloaded directly from their websites, this option is not possible for smaller distributions, which may be more specialized. These distributions are much more likely to be found on a legitimate torrent site, such as Linuxtracker.

You will find almost every Linux distribution you can think of on this site, as well as many versions of older distributions that may be useful for testing purposes.

6. The Internet Archive
torrent, free, legit, Jamendo, Vuze, internet, archive, linuxtracker, music, seed, leecher

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If you do not yet know about The Internet Archive, you are missing out on one of the largest collections of information and content available on the Internet. The site is an online library with a huge list of material available for legal download and free.

In addition to books, software and music, the site offers a huge variety of movies. You can watch these movies online or download them via torrent in the Feature Movies section of the site. There is a large collection of film noir films, cult horror classics and silent films from the early days of cinema. It's a great resource for true moviegoers.

Download free content online and legally

People tend to associate torrents with piracy, but the truth is that there is a lot of content that can be legally downloaded using torrents.

The sites we mentioned will allow you to download classic movies, open source software and free music, all legally and via torrent.

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