The best free sites to learn Morse code

See in this article the five best and free sites to help you learn Morse code.

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No matter how old it is, the traditional Morse code is still used worldwide. This system of dots and dashes always proves to be very convenient in case of emergency when modern technology fails. After all, radio amateurs are required to learn Morse code in order to obtain their degree, since in radio communications the Morse code will pass and reach its destination when all other means fail.

If you want to start with this cryptocurrency, here are some of the best sites to learn Morse code, as the courses they offer are for both beginners and advanced.

What is Morse code?

morse, mors, code
The Morse Code alphabet. 1922

Ο Morse code is a form of telecommunication invented in the 1830s by Samuel FB Morse. Used to encode characters in standard sequences two distinct signal durations. These signal lengths are called dots and dashes.

The Morse International Code consists of 26 basic Latin letters, an accented letter È, Arabic numerals from 0 to 9, and a small set of punctuation and procedural points. In addition, there is the Greek Morse Code, as well as respectively in all languages ​​of the world.

Is the Morse code still in use in 2022?

Morse code is still a popular topic among radio amateurs worldwide. Apart from that, its simplicity allows it to be transmitted through various devices, making it a very reliable way of emergency communication. Although it has lost some of its importance with technology, it remains relevant in 2022.

How long does it take to learn Morse code?

morse, mors, code

It usually takes only one to two months to learn Morse code, enough to write words at 10 to 15 wpm (words per minute). With enough time and practice, you will be able to recognize the words as a whole.

How far can Morse code travel?

Morse code can be transmitted hundreds of kilometers. The standard speed of this code is 4 bits / sec at maximum, which makes it very easy to detect, retrieve and decrypt over longer distances.

It is still an important way of communication when the voice can not "pass", as a simple beep can travel them where no sound configuration reaches.

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Are you thinking of becoming a radio amateur? Do you want to expand your knowledge? You may even just want to communicate secretly. If any of these describe you, see how to learn the basics of Morse code.

1. Learn Morse Code

learnmorsecode morse

If you're looking for an easy-to-understand and practical way to get started with Morse code, is a good step. Although the site has a very basic layout, it presents solid information.

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It has simple texts that tell you everything you need to know to get started. In addition, it offers a graph for Morse decoding and MP3 audio files for Morse encoding. This graph is like a tree with branches for every dot and hyphen and provides a "map" with all the letters of the English alphabet. Start at the top when the beep starts and continue down the panel until the beeps run out.

This way, you can start word-for-word decoding, and after a little practice, you will finally be able to decode complete sentences in Morse code.

The site provides a total of 36 MP3 audio files, one for each letter of the English alphabet and numbers from 0-9. There are many beeps of a given symbol in each audio file, ranging from slow to fast, so that a beginner can easily understand.

However, the website is quite limited in terms of flexibility, as it can only teach you the basics and offers no platform for practice.


lcwo morse

The LCWO is another simple site that uses the Koch method to teach Morse code. Requires you to sign up for a free account, but you can skip the login page by simply completing a "test" in the username and password field.

There are a total of 40 Koch lessons for beginners. This method requires you to start by learning two Morse symbols, then when you are comfortable with the previous two add a third, then a quarter and so on. It also has a tool called MorseMachine that provides practice of MP3 files, which helps you train your ear in code.

In addition, you will find many speed training tests, such as Code Groups, Plain Text Training, Badge Training, etc. What makes LCWO different from other sites is that you can compare your test scores with others and measure your passability.

There is also a forum on their site, and although it has not been updated for a few years, it is still an active community of people with whom you can interact.

Also this site is great for people who have some previous experience in Morse as it contains some very interesting tools and tests. These tools can help you improve your coding and decoding skills and test them.

The site speaks Greek, as well as many other languages.

3. The National Association for Amateur Radio

arrl morse

The National Associate For Amateur Radio or simply ARRL (National Amateur Radio Association), is a very simple site with many resources to help you learn Morse code. Includes a complete library of MP3 files for 26 letters, 10 Arabic numerals and punctuation. You can access it without having to register anywhere.

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Each file plays at a rate of 10 wpm (words per minute), which is the right speed for beginners and you can also download these files to save them offline. However, MP3 files are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to learn more about the history of Morse code or how HAM radios work, ARRL will cover you. It also has an active forum where you can interact, ask questions and create your own community of like-minded people.

4. AA9PW

aa9pw morse

The AA9PW is another great site that offers many ways to improve your skills. It's a beginner-friendly platform that lets you start from scratch and can turn you from a beginner to a Morse code expert.

AA9PW teaches Morse using different levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. The first level is the Koch method, where you start by learning two characters and then add another character as you learn the previous ones. The second level is punctuation.

The third level combines letters, numbers and punctuation. Finally, the final level is an FCC examination practice that you require to obtain a Ham radio license.

You can also complete exercises by selecting a test and clicking the "Create Morse Code" button on the site to listen to the coded sounds. Adjust your test speed from 10 to 25 wpm.

Additionally, you can set parameters such as how many text groups are sent at a time and many more. It's a nice way to challenge your self-esteem and practice Morse against time.

5. Morse Code World

morsecode world morse

The Morse Code World is one of the most detailed learning and training platforms. The site is very user friendly and you can easily browse the online resources that offer everything you need to know about Morse. The curriculum is divided into two parts: the International Morse and the American version.

Morse Code World has a variety of tools that can help you better understand Morse, including a Morse translator that converts text to audio or visual dots and dashes. This translator provides accessibility for people with sensory disabilities, as they can adjust their smartphone to vibrate or flash their screen to convey their messages to Morse.

You can write a text and send it audio to a friend through social media. I found it very easy to write and hear my name in Morse code:
dimitris = -.. .. -- .. - .-. .. ...

It also has a decoder to help you convert Morse to legible text or use a keyer function to turn your keyboard into Morse buttons to encode the given text. These features help you get used to Morse timing to increase speed and accuracy.

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