Kamerka discover open cameras in your neighborhood

Kamerka: Surveillance cameras are a bit too eerie when you live in cities. Many of these cameras are connected to the Internet and may be deliberately or accidentally opened. Exposed devices can be anywhere, from businesses, to schools, or even in homes.

A new tool lets you see where there are such cameras.


So far we have found the open devices with the Shodan search engine. But the new tool allows everyone to search for open cameras by address on a map.

The tool outlines tangibly the insecurity we allow around us, and potentially everyone can use it to track our home or our child.

"You can look for cameras around the world and see if there is an open camera near you," said the security researcher who released the tool, which uses Woj-ciech as a nickname.

As Wojciech explains, the tool Kamerka combines several different pieces of Python code together. Ultimately, it is based on Shodan's search engine to find the exposed cameras first (those who run the tool should have an Shodan account with an API).

It then uses Geopy, a Python library that facilitates geographical addressing, and cities. The final magic component is Folium, a Python library that handles map creation.

When a user adds the desired address, the tool returns a list of found devices and creates a map in HTML.

Open the file in a browser. The file is interactive, since it allows you to move to the selected area by clicking on the pointers to display the IP addresses of the cameras in the area.


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