Make your Android phone faster

If your Android phone isn't as fast as it used to be, try these tricks and tips to boost its speed.

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

We all want our devices to be fast, and most of all our phone that we use constantly and on the go. It doesn't matter if it is the latest model or not, essentially from a mobile phone we look for it to give us immediate results in simultaneous tasks.

Of course, mobile phones due to their limited volume also have limited capabilities. Their operating limits are quite narrow. So a lot of extra work in the background can make them really "crawl".

If you want to speed up your Android device check out the tips and tricks below to learn how to make your phone faster and what not to do to avoid it malfunctioning later.

Our tips are divided into two levels of difficulty: basic tips and advanced tips. Also at the end see what you should avoid.

How to Speed ​​Up Android: Basic Tips
Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Strange as it may seem, your Android phone's default apps and settings aren't always the best if speed is your priority.

Making a few changes and keeping your phone free of clutter can speed up its performance, even when it's brand new. Let's see them:

Clean up your home screen

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

If your phone doesn't have a lot of RAM or has a relatively slow processor, then keeping a simple home screen can help speed it up. Live wallpapers and animated widgets use resources that will even continue to update in the background.

Where you're most likely to see their impact on speed is when exiting a RAM-intensive application like Chrome. Usually then you see a completely blank home screen and have to wait a few seconds for your icons, widgets and wallpaper to reload.

Use a different boot

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

The default launcher on your phone is usually designed to showcase the best features of your device. As a result, it's not always the fastest or most efficient, and often includes a lot of features you don't need or use.

You'll find plenty of great third-party launchers on the Play Store, and many are optimized for speed. Indicatively we mention the Nova Launcher, Niagara Launcher, hyperion launcher, AI Launcher, Before Launcher, Olauncher and many more.

Switch browsers

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

The default web browser on Android is Chrome (and Mi for Xiaomi) and it's quite a resource intensive app.

There are a few ways you can improve it, but the best solution is to switch to a completely different browser.

If you prefer something more similar to Chrome, then check out browsers that are based on Chromium, but remove a lot of the extra junk you usually find on many websites.

All well-known browsers on computers have a corresponding application for Android mobiles. Try them out to see which one satisfies you and speeds up your browsing at the same time.

Uninstall bad apps

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Yes we know, it's the classic advice, but bad apps are often responsible for slowing down your phone. And when we say bad, we don't always mean the malicious ones, but the ones that aren't as neat as they should be or just load too much memory.

Tests have shown that Snapchat noticeably slows down Android, and uninstalling Facebook is said to make your phone up to 15% faster.

Note that there are also lightweight versions of the main Google apps that use less memory and run faster. Prefer them.

Remove your anti-virus software

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Weird tip, huh? Antivirus software claims to protect Android users, but it really isn't necessary.

Basically it doesn't run constantly underneath checking your every move like a similar program for desktop computers and you have to run it manually every time you want to check your phone, after updating it first.

Additionally, since you only install apps from official sources like the Play Store, and check other users' reviews, it's highly unlikely that you'll encounter malware, and you don't need an antivirus app.

What is already pre-installed on your mobile is more than enough.

Stop automatic app syncing


Social networks, news, weather and many other categories of apps are set to sync automatically to keep them up to date.

By default, they connect to the internet almost every 15 minutes. With too many of these apps installed, your phone will soon creak under their weight.

Check the sync mode for all your apps (Accounts & sync for MIUI) and set it to a longer schedule, e.g. every few hours or once a day. Or just turn off sync and update them manually.

Check for and install updates

time 2 update

Each new version of Android offers performance improvements over the last, so if your phone has updates available, you should always install them.

Of course, not all manufacturers update their phones, so this is something to consider the next time you make a new purchase.

The same goes for apps. Turn on automatic updates in the Play Store to make sure you get the latest updates.

Many of these updates fix resource-consuming and battery-draining bugs. Go to Settings > Auto-update apps to set it up.

Reboot regularly

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Another piece of advice you've heard a thousand times. The simplest and best way to keep your Android fresh is to reboot it regularly.

This helps the operating system run smoothly. You don't have to do it every day, but an occasional reboot will do wonders, especially if your phone is getting particularly slow or getting hotter than normal.

And if you try all these tips and find that nothing works, you can do a factory reset. Just make sure to back up your data first!

How to Speed ​​Up Android: Advanced Tips
Want something a little more advanced? If you like to delve into hidden settings or your device is rooted, then you have even more opportunities to speed up Android.

Speed ​​up animations

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Android is packed with animations that give the operating system a stylish look and make it fun to use. A hidden setting allows you to control the speed of these animations. In turn, this improves the speed (or at least the perceived speed) of your phone.

Go to Settings > System > Developer Options or Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options or MIUI Mobile Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

Scroll down to about the middle and set the “window animation scale”, “animation transition scale” and “animation duration scale” to 0,5x.

This cuts the duration of the animations in half (you can turn them off completely if you want, but it will be annoying). If you can't find the above settings in the menu just search for them in the search box.

If you can't see developer options, you'll need to enable them first. Go to Settings > About phone or Settings > System > About phone and tap “Version Number” (for Xiaomi “MIUI Version”) seven times to bring up the option.

Try a different ROM

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

A custom ROM contains a full version of the Android operating system and replaces all the software that came pre-installed on your phone.

ROMs may have a different appearance or additional features, or may be optimized for performance.

Installing a custom ROM is a good idea if the stock software on your phone isn't great. Many manufacturers cram their devices with extra apps and features that make them bloated, confusing and slow.

Replacing it with a bloat-free ROM like LineageOS can give you an instant speed boost.

Flash a custom kernel

android malware

The kernel manages every interaction between your phone's software and hardware. Custom kernels allow you to modify how the hardware works.

You can change how quickly the processor ramps up to top speed or how busy it needs to be before it activates additional cores.

Some even offer per-app settings, so you can have the device run at maximum power when playing a certain game and go back to normal once you exit it.

How to Speed ​​Up Android: What to Avoid
Apart from the effective tips above, there are some common speed boosting ideas that just don't work. Be careful with any app that claims it can speed up your phone.

task killers

Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

Task killers are among the most popular utilities on the Play Store, yet they are completely useless. In fact, they can make your phone slower.

A task killer closes background applications to free up RAM. It works under the idea that free RAM improves performance, but this is not true.

Android is designed to keep apps in RAM so it can quickly restore them. And what's more, it intelligently closes these applications whenever it needs to free up additional resources.

More importantly, some app processes will restart once they are terminated because they are designed to run in the background. This constant stopping and starting will slow down your phone much more than if you just let Android do its job.

Close applications

For the same reason, you should not manually close your applications. Again, Android handles this automatically. If Android needs to free up resources, it will close any apps you haven't used in a while.

If not, leave them alone. Keeping them in memory will have little to no effect on either performance or battery life. Better yet, it helps make your apps load faster the next time you need them.

Using speed or defragmentation boosters

overclock power

While we try to avoid generalizations, it's safe to say that any app that doesn't require root and promises to improve your phone's performance shouldn't be trusted.

This includes RAM boosters, SD card speed boosters and anything else related you can find on the Play Store.

They rarely work, are often filled with highly intrusive ads, and can really slow down your phone.

Also, don't use recovery apps for Android. Your phone does not need to be defragmented as it uses flash memory and is not affected by fragmentation.

All of the phone rebuild mechanisms on Google Play won't make your phone run faster. At best, they will have no effect. At worst, they can be scam apps. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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Android, speed up, smartphone, phone, speed, booster

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