Sign up and we will give you Wind Media money back

Internet pyramid schemes, addiction and the in laziness. In the ashes of the Wind Media internet pyramid that just collapsed, some are trying to promote a new scam. Sign up and we'll give you your Wind Media money back.

Wind, Media, pyramid, internet, fraud

And while some thousands of Greeks are crying over the money they lost in the Wind Media pyramid in pursuit of easy profit, some of our fellow citizens are urging them to sign up for another online pyramid, promising to get back the money they had in Wind Media.

To be honest we did not expect that so many people would listen to the above news and ask if it is true. We can not explain the complete lack of logical thinking. Is it a quick profit addiction? Is it right to be lazy? And the player's mind sees that sitting down and with a few clicks will easily make a living.

What is the pyramid and the shape of Ponzi

The pyramid, in addition to the well-known geometric shape, is also a deceptive technique of developing and finding new investors, applied only by fraudsters in finance.a".

The pyramid is essentially an illegal investment scheme involving the payment of a return to investors from money paid by later investors, rather than the net profits accrued from actual sales. Imagine the first one to start a "pyramid game" to be at the top and each row of investors to be one place down.

The more you go down the more investors you find at the same level. The term "Ponzi Scheme" refers to any monetary fraud based on a "pyramid" of investors. The term "Ponzi Shape" was named after him Charles Ponzi, an American swindler of Italian descent, who was essentially the inventor of the pyramid.

Ponzi convinced several Americans to invest any amount they wanted in him, with the promise that they would make a 50% profit on the amount invested, every 90 days. He paid the first ones with the money put in by those who entered this "pyramid", as a result of which everyone was convinced that it was a profitable investment. The scheme collapsed in August 1920, after an article in the newspaper "The Globe". Until then, Ponzi was collecting about $200.000 a day from "investors" trying to get on the "train" of profits.

The fraud was uncovered and Ponzi was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He was finally released from prison in 1934 and deported to Italy.

The basic idea of ​​the Ponzi scheme (and essentially the pyramid) was that he could take money from the # 1 person and tell him that he would give him a high interest rate for his money if he brought 4 other investors (or 6) to the pyramid. or and 8, depending on the rules). When the people # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5 brought by # 1 gave money to Ponzi, Ponzi took part of this money and gave it to person # 1, so he fulfilled the obligation to give him a high interest rate. .

When person # 6 (brought by # 2) came, Ponzi took part of this money to pay person # 2, so he was still fulfilling his obligation. If there was no # 6, then Ponzi could not fulfill their obligations in # 2. There is also a phrase known as "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" (meaning stealing Peter to pay Paul) whose interpretation would help us realize that a similar scam is underway.

pyramid scheme 1

So when debts are owed and money to pay off obligations is incomplete, either due to bad luck or willful theft, borrowers often make their payments on credit or steal from other investors they have.

Thus the repayment of the old debt is done through the creation of a new event which in the long run creates a huge debt-investors which carries the risk of the chain breaking due to a lack of new links (restriction on the number of investments or the inflow of new funds). We hope you understand that all the pyramids eventually collapsing leaving huge debts.

What about Wind Media

wind media 1

Wind Media is not much different from the above chain. This is an internet pyramid which aimed to give you a huge amount if you "bought" a package and liked specific profiles on social media. The profit was in fact 5000%. This pyramid recently collapsed, leaving feces to at least 10.000 Greeks.

But while the pyramid scheme is known, what is it that pushes users to give their money? The gambling? The obsolescence of the real ; Laziness? Quick profit in a fast world? It's probably a matter of psychology, but whatever it is it doesn't seem to be over and it won't be.

On Wind Media's Facebook page, which strangely still works, there are many users who report that if you sign up for a new pyramid, the, she will give you back the money (!!!) that you had in Wind's virtual wallet.

If you are wondering whether it is true or false, we would advise you to visit a specialist addiction. Or at least a psychologist.

Pyramids and internet

Searching the internet for such shapes, and reading reports from fanatical users on Wind Media's Facebook page, we found that there is a huge amount of pyramids out there on the vast internet. Some serious and some really funny.

Pages found such as:,,,,,,, and more.

We were impressed that most of the above websites have a single home screen with minimal color variations. So we suspect that somewhere out there is a ready-made pyramid script, which you set up on a linux server and have your own web pyramid online, without much - much computer knowledge.

In fact, in some of them (such as and when we went back to a folder we saw the original CentOS image. The admins did not even take care of the basics, obviously not knowing how to set up a site properly.

Internet and illegality

Wind, Media, pyramid, internet, fraud

It is strange, however, that the authorities of the countries have not been contacted to stop these activities, at a time when it is not on the Dark Web but at www.

The pyramid scheme is a clear scam, but we have never heard that the Hellenic Cybercrime Prosecution or similar of the other countries to close such a one and to arrest its administrators.

Instead we keep hearing about arrests for piracy in music and movies, for closing pages with subtitles, for warez witch hunts, etc. Isn't that a bit strange?

We warmly thank the iGuru reader Dimitris G. for pointing out this topic and the main source of the research. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Wind, Media, pyramid, internet, fraud

Written by Dimitris

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  1. When Ponzi started his "project", it was the early years of those who brought the stock market crash of 1929. That is, when in the USA there was a) orgasm of construction work b) huge inequality between the wages (salaries) of workers and income those who were called pioneers in the construction of the United States in the form we know them today and c) the first sparks of what was later called the "Chicago School" with its most famous representative Milton Friedman.

    Poverty, hardship, uninsured work, "help the poor do not become like you" were the daily grind in a society struggling to survive. That is, the period had all the "guarantees" for any evil-minded swindler to find suitable and fertile ground to deceive the weak (financially and mentally) who wanted to make "5 more francs".

    The same happened not to mention the period 2008-2009 back in the US when Ponzi's "descendant" Bernie Meidoff, in times of a) unbridled capitalism and economic "opportunities" and b) a huge gap between rich and poor, he built his own new pyramid.

    With these as shocking cases of examples to avoid, we come to the point where, if Ponzi and Meidoff were lucky enough to live and have their headquarters, then, after their frauds were exposed, they would make a dozen lawsuits and lawsuits for defamation of anyone who shouted: thief.
    And not only would they file lawsuits and lawsuits, but they would also have "their" judges, investigators, prosecutors who, not only would not throw their lawsuits in the trash, but on the contrary would run for 10-11 years of "accused" in the seats of the accused, even after the demolition of the pyramid and the "accused" would struggle all these years a) to endure b) to realize that it is possible to be accused of a case that became widely known as fraud and c) to acquitted. Not to win, but to be acquitted!

    I have also experienced such a case with the bank that, after it was destroyed and the HFSF entered its funds, trials are still "running" (one more) where I try to convey to the judges that "from here I revealed the fraud to you and from there as my accusers those who did it ".

    I mention this dear iguru, Dimitris G. and Dimitris that you hate on Mondays because you express the question of how the Prosecution does not deal with such issues, when it chases .srt and .tor
    The answer is simple, my dear friends, and it is simply called "liberalism" or "power of wealth wherever it comes from" or "bestiality of capitalism" etc etc

    Finally, the fact that thousands of Greeks "trampled" her with fraud, is not a fact that happened. It is a fact that the social amorphousness that the patricians built for a number of years at the expense of the Greek mass "succeeded". As he "succeeded" in the extreme redistribution of wealth (always from the poor to the rich of the elite) created by "laws" economists, as he succeeded in the annihilation of the mind and creative thinking of the Greeks, re-creating the "trend" in every weak form described with: grab to have and steal to eat… As it created the "trend" of the explosion of prostitution, gambling, drugs, psychosis.

    In closing, I will clarify the word "psofos" that I mention in the title of my comment.
    I do not hide that until a few years ago I was sad, I was struggling to put my mind to those I could, I was trying to awaken consciences and to liberate the spirit of those I saw falling…
    Now, unfortunately, I only deal with levels where the discussion makes sense, even if there are opposing opinions, and to those who are dissolved by their stupidity or by a desire to win gambling, I mention only the "fat".

    I know I'm not doing well, I know I'm hardened. But I have no other appetite and endurance for if I listen to doctrines, sneers and conjectures of people who do NOT want to get up from the gambling or beer tables or wish lists through facebook or TV garbage. People who no longer have a trace of dignity and honesty.

    Giorgos Th. Kanellakis

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