A sweetener in diet sodas carcinogenic? announcements are awaited

"Bellwing" experts for one of the most widespread sugar substitutes in the world, which is to be declared as possibly carcinogenic by a leading global health organization. Relevant announcements are expected next month, according to sources with knowledge of the process.

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Πρόκειται για την ασπαρτάμη, που χρησιμοποιείται σε προϊόντα από τα της Coca-Cola μέχρι την τσίχλα Extra της Mars. Αναμένεται να καταχωριστεί τον Ιούλιο ως «πιθανώς καρκινογόνα για τον άνθρωπο» για πρώτη φορά από τον Διεθνή Οργανισμό Έρευνας για τον Καρκίνο (IARC), το ερευνητικό τμήμα του Παγκόσμιου Οργανισμού Υγείας (ΠΟΥ) για τον καρκίνο, ανέφεραν οι πηγές που επικαλείται το πρακτορείο Reuters.

The IARC decision, which was finalized earlier this month after a meeting of the group's experts, aims to assess whether something is a potential risk or not, based on all the published evidence.

IARC does not take into account how much of a product a person can safely consume. These guidelines come from a separate WHO expert committee on food additives, known as JECFA (the joint WHO-Food and Agriculture Organization expert committee on food additives), alongside regulations from national regulatory authorities.

However, similar IARC decisions in the past on various substances - which have caused concern among consumers - have resulted in lawsuits. This has led to criticism that IARC's assessments may confuse the public.

JECFA, the WHO Committee on Food Additives, is also reviewing the use of aspartame this year. Its meeting began at the end of June and it is expected to announce its findings on the same day that the IARC will make its decision public - on 14 July.


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