Kaspersky vs Microsoft Security companies by Kaspersky's side

Kaspersky, as mentioned in a previous post, has asked Russia and the European Union to investigate Microsoft practices in Windows 10 that encourage (and sometimes force) users to replace third-party antivirus with Windows Defender. Apparently, the Russian company managed to mobilize other companies of security products from all over the world.

Kaspersky said in an article which was posted last week that many other security companies believe Microsoft uses dirty tricks to push users into Windows Defender software, but no one has reported anything so far.kaspersky-vs-microsoft

According to SecurityWeek, some companies have already expressed their support for Kaspersky. These include: Panda Labs, F-Secure, and Avira. All of them believe that Microsoft is trying to downgrade third-party security companies, and some admit that Redmond will have to change its antivirus policy in Windows 10.

Luis Corrons, Panda Labs's Technical Manager, explains that several European security companies have the same concerns for Microsoft that encourages users to use Windows Defender, saying they will support Kaspersky.

F-Secure CTO Mika Stahlberg takes a more conservative approach, saying that Microsoft's current practice "does not allow for better end-user protection" while Avira CEO Travis Witteveen said: "Eugene is right to be upset."

Microsoft, on the other hand, does not seem to be concerned at all and says that it is always open to communicate with the Russian authorities and that it always wants to comply with local laws. At the same time, the company claims that it is not aware of the investigation initiated by the Russian government, explaining that "we will review this as soon as we receive an official notice."

The European Commission has not yet confirmed that the case is being investigated.

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