Kaspersky Internet Security: it was the best solution for trading protection

Based on the results effectiveness evaluations carried out in the third quarter of 2014, the independent organization MRG Effitas has Kaspersky Internet Security as the solution that provides the most effective protection for online transactions.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
Kaspersky Internet Security

As in the previous evaluation, which was implemented in the second quarter, security solutions were tested in three phases. However, this time the MRG Effitas lab used an improved methodology. In particular, the Man-in-the-Middle (ie, interference attacks on the data transmission protocol for data fraud) was abolished.

Instead, the organization evaluated the quality of protection against Hooking APIs, which are implemented by infiltrating malicious code into browser browsing procedures and then redirecting key APIs for confidential information and redirecting to the attacker. Since the programs used in the trials were not widespread malware, they were unaware of security solutions. The purpose of the test, therefore, was to assess the ability to protect against zero day threats. The Kaspersky Internet Security has successfully prevented all four attempts to penetrate malicious code into the browser protected by the solution.

The other two control steps, as in previous trials, evaluated the level of protection that could be offered by solutions against widespread malware capable of stealing bank account login information or interfering with the online information exchange process, and a test on modern botnet. In the first phase, solutions were called to detect 406 malware that had been widely spread by digital criminals during the trial period. This Kaspersky Internet Security successfully detected and prevented all these malicious programs.

The second phase took place on systems that had been "infected" using files containing Trojan programs for the most common botnets. The botnet Command & Control servers were configured within the testing lab infrastructure, allowing researchers to immediately determine if malware was able to steal access or not. Kaspersky Internet Security effectively prevented this threat as well, preventing data leakage.

Based on the test results, Kaspersky Internet Security once again proved that it is a reliable security solution and has been certified by MRG Effitas. Overall, from 17 solutions that participated in the evaluation, only four were able to protect the user from all banking digital threats. Of these, only two were complete Internet security solutions, while the rest were highly specialized applications designed specifically to protect online payments.

"The online payment services are of particular interest to digital criminals, as they can gain access to accounts by intervening in the process of exchanging information between their services and customers. That's why Kaspersky Lab sees the protection of users from financial digital threats as one of its most important goals. The test results confirm that Kaspersky Lab technologies - and especially technology Safe Money They are able to provide effective protection against the most modern threats to them online banking systems », commented Timur Biyachuev, Anti-Malware Research Director of Kaspersky Lab.

Safe Money's technology Kaspersky Internet Security protects e-transactions by matching the address of a payment site to a cloud database, confirming the authenticity of the security certificate, by isolating browsers from attempts to penetrate malicious code and preventing the download of a screenshot. More information about this technology can be found at whitepaper of Kaspersky Lab.

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