Victims hacking Twitter Counter users

Ο David Emm, Senior Security Researcher of Kaspersky Lab δήλωσε μετά την γνωστοποίηση της παραβίασης λογαριασμών χρηστών του Twitter through the application Twitter Counter:

"As it became known today, its users Twitter through a third application, the “Twitter Counter", They may have fallen victim to the breach of their accounts with messages from political activists. If this is true, it is proof of how careful people should be not only with their own safety practices, but also with those of their suppliers and partners. Twitter Counter

If businesses or consumers choose to use third-party applications that provide useful and necessary services they could very well at the same time consent to full control of them by a third party.

This is a clear example where the weakness of a third party provider has affected to a very large extent not only the provider itself but also the Twitter and thousands of users, including some high-profile businesses and agencies. If its users Twitter believe that their account has been affected, they will need to change their password immediately. However, it is important for people to understand the rights they consent to when downloading applications. According to her recent research Kaspersky Lab, 63% of consumers neglect to read the license carefully before installing a new application on their phone and one in five (20%) do not read the messages when installing applications. This means that a worrying number of people are leaving their privacy - and the data stored on their mobile phone - exposed to digital threats due to poor application security practices.

To protect themselves, people should:

  • Download applications that only come from trusted sources
  • Wisely choose the apps they want to install on their device
  • Read the license carefully during the installation process
  • Read the list of permissions that request an application carefully. Do not simply click on the next option during installation without first checking what they are doing
  • Use a digital security solution that will protect your device from digital threats

As a best practice, the Kaspersky Lab advises application developers to aim to be as transparent as possible in the way they present their license applications so that people's decisions are easier to make. "

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