Kaspersky Lab introduces the first Digital Security Index

Kaspersky Lab: Do you know how safe - or at risk - you are today when you are online? How many people are at risk of falling victim to digital criminals without even suspecting it? And how many have already fallen victim? In order to assess this situation, Kaspersky Lab presents the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index, the world's first indicator to measure the levels of digital threats currently faced by Internet users.

Kaspersky Lab has previously joined forces with B2B International to conduct regular online surveys across countries to assess how Internet users behave when they are online, what they are worried about, what problems they are experiencing, and how can defend themselves against possible threats. Kaspersky Lab's Digital Security Index is based on these data, collected by thousands of users around the world.Kaspersky Lab

The index combines three basic parameters, which are valued every six months and provide the information needed to monitor the degree of risk for the average internet user.

  • Ο Index of "Concern" shows the percentage of people who believe they may be targeting digital threats. This parameter indicates the extent to which users perceive the risk to which they are exposed.
  • Ο Impact index identifies how many people have actually suffered digital attacks during the reporting period (for example, they have experienced data leakage or have been blackmailed on the Internet).
  • Ο Protection Index shows the number of users who have installed a security solution on the device they use to access the Internet. This is the average value for all devices used, including computers and mobile devices.

The Digital Security Index (referred to as "21% - 29% - 60%") is shaped by a detailed survey conducted in August 2016 in 21 countries around the world. According to the data, only one in five users (21%) believes today that he is not threatened by anything when he is online. At the same time, almost a third of users (29%) have been the victims of digital criminals (for example, 8% has encountered a violation of its accounts and 22% accounts of users are infected by malicious software). However, only that 60% of users has installed security solutions on all the devices it uses to access the Internet. According to the Index, today, many users underestimate digital threats even if they have faced one. This attitude inevitably affects their safety.

 "We have created the Index to draw the attention of users, media and suppliers to the issue of digital security. We believe that today many users do not expect to come face to face with digital threats, so they fail to install security solutions on their devices and behave thoughtlessly when they are online. This makes them easy targets for digital criminals. The Index reflects the results of this approach: Today, 29% of people are affected by online threats. We ask all Internet users to improve the level of their digital knowledge and to adopt a responsible approach, both for their own protection and for the protection of their loved ones. In our opinion, security must be shared ", comments Andrei Mochola, Head of Consumer Business, Kaspersky Lab.

For more information on the Kaspersky Lab Index, you can see the country, age and gender indexes and learn more about the behavior of users when they are online on the dedicated website http://index.kaspersky.com.

Kaspersky Lab: More tips for safely behaving online can be found here: https://blog.kaspersky.com/tag/cybersavvy.

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