Kaspersky Lab: What does the Transparency Initiative mean?

Kaspersky Lab announced today through a press release, the launch of the Global Transparency Initiative. The bulletin and the company's move from Russia were probably expected after the latest developments.Kaspersky Lab

Let's say that through iGuru.gr we have been deeply involved in the issue, but this press release is tempting ..:

The bulletin states that "the launch of the Global Transparency Initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to protect the company's customers from digital threats, regardless of their origin or purpose."

Heavy sweet and not…

Before I start talking about the company's "subtle" feelings for the consumer public, we must admit that the Kaspersky Lab move opens one of Aeolus' pockets for companies that choose to have closed source software and operating systems.

The term Global Transparency Initiative will involve many others and according to the company:

Kaspersky Lab will involve the wider information systems security community and other stakeholders in validating and verifying the reliability of its products, internal processes and business activities, as well as introducing additional accountability mechanisms by which the company can demonstrate that it addresses immediately and effectively any security issue. "

What the US Department of Homeland Security says (DHS)

According to DHS's official statement on the Issue of the 17-01 Business Binding Statement, the Department has direct federal executive services that will identify the use of Kaspersky's software on federal devices and will remove it within 90 days.

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Ministries are concerned about links between some Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence agencies, as well as other government agencies. The Ministry is worried that all of these Russian services can use Russian law to request or force Kaspersky's help and begin to track communications via Russian networks.

The statement also states that DHS is concerned that the Russian government could use Kaspersky's products on US federal computers, with or without Kaspersky's co-operation. This statement does not give any further information supporting the Ministry's allegations.

The move by Kaspersky Lab

Reading the above you can understand even a little the position of the Russian company. The US government blockade for reasons that may or may not be justified could lead to a continuing blockade by companies and individuals worldwide.

On the other hand, apart from Kaspersky's reputation, they play too much money: 644 million dollars was the time when an article was published Foreign Policy. Although the company seems to have little incentive to risk its reputation to help the Russian government, you never know what law enforcement and secret services can force you to do.

So we have reached the point where through the move of the US Department of the Interior, it is disputed that the most valuable thing a security company offers: security itself…

So after this questioning on issues so important for the prestige of a company that promises security, the press release we mentioned above was a matter of time. And of course, as the company says, it is to protect the company's customers from digital threats, regardless of their origin or purpose, but the main reason is the upcoming economic disaster of the company if it does not do something directly to win again world prestige.

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Παράδειγμα προς μίμηη

The US State Department's move, although I am not one of those who support the US in general, seems to have borne fruit…

What would happen if the ministers issued a directive to remove Microsoft products immediately because of data collection by telemetry? Corporate companies like Microsoft need more than a few posts in the support forum that report complaints about the behavior of Windows 10.

Remind the company was forced to deliver its software source code to China, when it was threatened with a ban on Windows 10 in the country.

Do you feel secure?

The most important thing with any security software is to make you feel safe. If you no longer trust Kaspersky, switch to something else. It is simple. Is it a political maneuver or something that has actually happened?

Let's say that since so many secret services are involved in this story, it is very difficult to say with certainty which side is right or continues to play a game until the opponent's final crash.

Security, however, in short does not exist on the internet. The story comes to remind us what is being played under the table, even with companies we believe trustworthy.

Who guarantees you that GoogleThe MicrosoftThe Apple, and many others do not work with secret services?

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