Kaspersky Lab at the top of Dennis Technology Labs testing

According to the results of tests conducted by the independent organization Dennis Technology Labs in 4οquarter of 2014, its products Kaspersky Lab the most effective solutions for household users, small businesses and big companies respectively.

Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business achieved the highest possible scores in the three respective tests, receiving "AAA" certifications, ie the highest distinctions awarded by the Dennis Technology Labs.Kaspersky Lab

To highlight the most effective solution, Dennis Technology Labs experts calculate an Overall Accuracy Score, based on the results of two independent studies. The first study evaluates how effectively a solution combats the most recent online threats, ie those detected within the last 24 hours.

In the second study, the response of a product to objects known to be safe is evaluated. Each solution was graded based on whether it detected and blocked malware successfully, while allowing for the smooth operation of legitimate software.

In case of errors, points were deducted. In all three tests, Kaspersky Lab products achieved the highest possible score, gaining an absolute of 1.140 points.

"Everyday, Internet users face hundreds of thousands of digital threats. In practice, even a small advantage with a security solution in these tests can translate into preventing hundreds of incidents. The accumulated experience and the core competencies we have developed as a company enable Kaspersky Lab to remain at the cutting edge of security technology, which is also confirmed by test results ", commented Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware Research Kaspersky Lab.

This is not the first time that Dennis Technology Labs has awarded Kaspersky Lab top quality solutions, as the organization has awarded “AAA” certifications to four quarters of 2014.

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