Kaspersky Lab Mac & PC are equally at risk of digital threats

According research Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, Apple computer users face digital threats just as often with other platform users. Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab

Indeed, they may face even more risks with regard to specific types of threats. It is true that security experts have not so far detected so many malicious software for OS X as for other platforms (including Windows). However, this does not mean that Mac devices and data stored in them have some kind of "immunity" against risks.

The survey showed that from 26% of European users who stated that Apple desktops were their primary Internet access device and that 15% of Apple's preferred users said it was experiencing malware over the past year *. The number of affected PC owners in Europe is slightly higher (31%). However, faced with malware, such as ransomware, came 19% of European Mac owners compared to 11% of Windows device users. Both OS X and Windows users reported reporting incidents to their financial data (52% and 54% respectively).

According to the survey, Mac users are generally less aware of Internet threats than Windows device users. For example, 41% of MacBook owners in Europe has never or almost never heard of ransomware programs, and 34% is not aware of the malicious malware that can exploit software vulnerabilities. By comparison, among the respondents overall, 30% knows almost nothing about ransomware and 27% is not aware of the exploits.

Research shows that half of Mac users still neglect the need to install security solutions on their devices. In Europe, only 30% of MacBook and 50% of Apple desktop computers are protected. In addition, when Apple users choose a security solution for their devices, most emphasize the value (40%), while malware detection efficiency is a top priority for 37%. By comparison, Windows users rank 48% as the top priority, with the cost and ability to fight online threats (45% and 32% respectively).

"OS X users have long been" isolated "from the dangers of the Internet, and for this reason they may feel almost invulnerable. However, as today's digital threats are expanding their areas of action more and more, it is important to be prepared for them. In this context, Kaspersky Lab strongly recommends Mac users not only to deploy security solutions but also to remember the rules of safe Internet behavior, said Peter Aleshkin, Kaspersky Lab's Consumer Marketing Group for the Emerging Markets area.

The flagship of Kaspersky Lab solutions for home users, Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-Device 2015, is designed to protect users of different operating systems, including OS X, from digital threats. The solution offers a reliable "defense" against malware and ransomware as well as protection against financial risks by using Safe Money technology.

Kaspersky Lab: * From now on, it will refer to users who have recorded a laptop or a desktop computer operating on a given platform as their primary device for Internet access. Due to the fact that people can use different devices on different platforms at the same time, they can address the threats listed in the text in any of these.

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