Kaspersky Lab: Many do not take security measures for devices they share with others

According research B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, 33% of Europeans share with other devices connected to Internet it does not take preventive protective measures. Based on their responses, these users do not seem to realize that sharing devices with relatives, friends or colleagues can significantly increase the likelihood of losing or stealing the data stored on them. However, the more people use a device, the more chance that one of them will make a mistake and become a victim of a cheating by a digital criminal.security Kaspersky Lab

Very often, the owner of a computer, phone or tablet is not the only person who uses it to access the Internet.

About one in three Europeans who participated in the survey said they shared their devices with others. 29% of users share their devices with other adults in the same house, 4% gives them to their children, while 1% allows their devices to be used by colleagues or other acquaintances.

It should be noted that this applies to most commonly used Internet access devices, which means they are more likely to contain valuable data, such as logins and account passwords.

When a device accessed by various users does not have protection, it can be extremely risky, as no one can be absolutely sure that other users are sufficiently aware of the digital threats.

An inexperienced user can become a victim of rogue or "download" an executable malicious file. At the same time, 33% of people sharing devices with other users states that they are not taking any security measures because they 'see no risk'. Only 38% of users back up important data before giving one device to someone else. 33% password protects its data and once 20% tries not to store any important information on such devices.

"Sharing a computer or smartphone increases the risk of malware, data loss, or account theft, so it's important for users to take precautions.

It is necessary to back up their important files, delete information that should not fall into the wrong hands, disable autocomplete tools, try to control users' access rights to their device and - most importantly - use programs which offer security against digital threats, "said Elena Kharchenko, Head of Consumer Product Management Kaspersky Lab

In this context, Kaspersky Lab has the solution Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-Device 2015, which has been developed to provide security to different devices. The company's solution can protect even inexperienced users from visiting potentially dangerous websites, downloading malicious software and various other threats.

The product supports multiple platforms as it has technologies that can be used to protect computers with Windows and OSX operating systems as well as Android devices. It also includes programs to safely browse the Internet on portable devices running Windows Phone and iOS.

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