Kaspersky's half portable devices are protected against digital crime

The most recent research of Kaspersky Lab shows that half of mobile devices worldwide face the risk of digital crime and malicious threats due to lack of adequate protection. The survey demonstrates the lack of awareness about the effective protection of portable devices.  

The research, which was revealed last week to support Europol's Mobile Malware Raising Awareness Campaign as part of the European Digital Millennium Month, was conducted by Kaspersky Lab in order to better understand how users are aware of the online threats and how they are protected from these threats.kaspersky lab

Of the 12.000 surveyed surveyed 21 countries, we found that only 57% of tablets in Europe have a security solution installed, which drops to 53% when it comes to smartphones. Europeans tend to protect their computers (89%) more than their mobile devices, the wrong judgment when considering how many important and personal information is stored on mobile devices nowadays.

Research shows that users are unaware of the need to protect their mobile devices with a security solution. While 54% of European users believe that their desktops and laptops definitely need security software, only 42% of them believe the same when it comes to smartphones and tablets. In fact, a worrying percentage of European users (20%) are not even fully aware of mobile malware.

Some - but arguably very few - users try to protect their mobile devices. However, users greatly limit this protection to the use of passwords. 75% of European users have a password on their computers and 63% protect their smartphone this way. This is worrying because, while passwords may protect the physical device from being used by unwanted others, they offer no protection against malware, fraud or spear phishing attacks, which can occur when unsuspecting users have access to the device. their devices in their hands. Only 40% of European consumers protect their mobile devices with both a password and a security solution, leaving more than half of the world's mobile devices vulnerable to crime.

The findings are worrying considering the multiplication of online risks posed by mobile devices and their users. Many of these risks are simply a consequence of people's online activities and the fact that they store and exchange data via their mobile devices daily.

The survey found that among Europeans who had experienced digital threats, 12% had experienced an "infestation" of their Android smartphone, while 22% had encountered stunning data through its Android smartphone.

Victor Yablokov, Head of Mobile Product Line at Kaspersky Lab, said:Portable devices are an important part of our lives. They do not only have important information, but they are our portal to services such as online banking, email, photo sharing, communication with our loved ones and more. Not protecting these devices is not an option if we want to protect what is most important to us. But with only half of mobile devices being effectively protected, there is much more work to be done to be safe from digital threats.

In Kaspersky Lab, we want to help people become aware of the risks to which they expose themselves. The more technology they acquire, the more prepared they are for the online world and the dangers that he brings with him. "

To help users protect their mobile devices from digital crime, Kaspersky Lab has developed Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. Protects smartphones and tablets from malicious applications and websites, safeguards user privacy by filtering calls and text, and anti-theft protection protects the user's data security if its device is lost or stolen.

Mobile malware is also the subject of the Europol campaign for this year's Digital Security Month, the EU's annual campaign in October, aimed at raising awareness of the threats to digital security, promoting digital security among citizens and providing modern security information through education and exchange of good practice.

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