Kaspersky ban on its products in Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has decided to ban security software developed by Kaspersky, a Moscow-based company. Of course the reasons for the ban are the same as the reasons why the product was forbidden United States and in United Kingdom.

The Lithuanian authorities have announced that Kaspersky software should be removed from computers operating in energy, finance or transport services. The announcement also includes private companies.Kaspersky

The government says it took this decision because Kaspersky is now seen as a "potential threat to national security," explaining that its software can only run on computers that do not contain sensitive data.

"Information from computers using the software can be leaked to countries where we do not want it to end up," he told Reuters Rytis Rainys, Deputy Director of the State Cyber ​​Security Service.

"We combined various sources for the conclusion, including information from our partners and intelligence services."

Let's remind that Kaspersky's products have recently been banned by the US government as President Donald Trump has signed a bill requiring all state departments to remove the program as soon as possible.

In addition, the UK recommended not using Kaspersky's software because of concerns about cyber spying, although in this case local authorities said they would work with the Russian company to address the problem.

The security company, of course, denies any connection to the Kremlin, explaining that the decision to ban its software came mainly as a result of a "geopolitical dispute."

"Kaspersky Lab has no ties with any government, so the decision of the Lithuanian government is disappointing. "Unfortunately, the company appears to have been involved in a geopolitical dispute and this has led to allegations for which no credible evidence has been made public," Kaspersky said.

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