Free Kaspersky QR Scanner for secure QR Codes

Kaspersky QR ScannerKaspersky QR Scanner: QR Codes look great and they do the job they do and the URLs in shrinking. The basic resemblance is that you can not see what they will do when you turn them on.

QR Codes are used by many different websites and services, such as in advertisements, in shops, in public transport, in magazines and more.

The recently released WhatsApp Web that uses a QR Code to help you connect to the new Web service.

But while it is a very useful feature, it can also be used by malicious users, since no effort is required to create codes that lead to malicious websites.

Kaspersky then thought of scans the codes before using your phone with a new security app for free.Kaspersky-Lab Kaspersky QR Scanner

The new app Kaspersky QR Scanner is available for Android and iOS, but requires more rights than you may need. Specifically, it requires access to the device ID.

The application is very easy to use. Once you've installed it on your device, just run it to scan a QR Code. You should move your device until the application is focused and read.

The app scans the link to make sure it does not lead to a web page containing malicious files for download before it takes you there automatically.

Download the application for Android and iOS

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