Why Kaspersky sued Microsoft?

The Russian Antimonopoly Service (FAS) is investigating whether Microsoft is abusing its position on the market by releasing the Windows 10 operating system after the Kaspersky Kaspersky security company's complaint to the local FAS and the EU regulators.

With a very large blog post this week, Eugene Kaspersky's founder argued that Microsoft intentionally used Windows 10 to neutralize third-party application makers.
In particular, he said Redmond reduced the time it takes to test compatibility with the new operating system from two months to six days.microsoft Kaspersky

As a result, Windows 10 users receive operating system warnings requiring the use of Microsoft applications only, or applications in the Redmond Windows Store, where the company receives percentages from each sale that is made.

In addition, when Microsoft users install Windows 10, the operating system shuts down security suites and runs its own anti-malware tool (Microsoft Defender) because it considers security suites to be incompatible.

Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of FAS, said that the short time given to software developers, as well as the fact that Microsoft has its own security suite, gives Redmond "unwarranted advantages", and therefore his service will deal with the matter meticulously.

Eugene Kaspersky also asked for more about Microsoft's Windows 10:

He pointed out that the operating system users even use Defender and try to use one another and Windows displays occasional user notifications that encourage switching.

"Although Microsoft is slowly killing the independent security industry, so far we are the only ones who have decided to say something about it in public," Kaspersky said.

"There are dozens of other companies in the industry, but unfortunately they only express their dissatisfaction in informal groups, where many things have been said correctly, but they are not going to do anything important in reality."

Microsoft has not reported anything at this time.

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